005 DoA

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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-XXX has been sealed, and all windows on the building have been covered to prevent viewing of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-XXX is a building in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA. The interior of SCP-XXX, while smaller than the exterior of the building, takes up the entirety of the building's interior. A plaque bearing the inscription "DEPARTMENT OF ABNORMALITIES" has been nailed to the main door.

The interior of SCP-XXX consists of a rotunda, which is approximately 10 meters in diameter and 3 meters high. Four doors have been built into the sides of the room. Several windows corresponding to those on the exterior of the building are present near the ceiling; though these windows are all barred, no bars are visible through the windows on the exterior of the building.

The floor of SCP-XXX is earthen, but pieces of wooden flooring still remain in place at the base of the wall. The soil in the floor is loose in places, and several metal pipes can be seen protruding from the ground. Indentations resembling the outline of chains are visible in the floor.

A small hole has been dug in the center of SCP-XXX, and is filled with charcoal and irregularly shaped pieces of metal. Two metal buckets, one filled with broken planks of wood and one filled with pieces of chain, segments of pipe, and other metal scraps, have been placed at either side of the hole. Several broken clay constructions resembling crucibles lie in a pile in front of the hole.

A deep, curving groove has been made in the floor of SCP-XXX. The groove is most prominent in the space between the hole at the center of the room and each of the doors. Several small, twisted pieces of metal lie in front of each door.

A path of dried human blood has been found leading from the forge to the main entrance of SCP-XXX. The main entrance hangs slightly ajar, and cannot be completely closed.

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