TODO: "An Incomplete Chronicle"

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Item #: SCP-140-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: .

Description: .

- daveite
- bbq sauce

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-140 must never be brought closer than 15 m to any source of standard ink, human blood, or other fluids suitable for writing. Any contamination by blood or ink must be reported immediately.

SCP-140 is contained at Site-76 in a sealed vault containing a single desk. At this time no research is to be carried out upon the original SCP-140; researchers are to read from prepared copies not bearing the signature of its author which lack its properties. In the event of approved research, SCP-140 may not be removed from the vault, and readers may not be in contact with it for longer than 9 hours. Access requires written approval from the head researcher for the explicit purposes of testing. An armed guard stationed outside the vault will meet any attempted theft with deadly force.

Description: SCP-140 is a modern hardcopy book with an unremarkable black binding and an unknown number of white pages. The book jacket is missing, but the title, “A Chronicle of the Daevas”, is clearly legible. The inside cover is signed by the author, whose name is indecipherable. The text is copyrighted 19██. Careful examination reveals there are far more pages between the bindings than could be contained within them.

If SCP-140 comes into contact with any fluid suitable for writing, including human blood, the account of the Daevite civilization’s history expands.


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