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Item #: SCP-1401-EX

Object Class: Safe Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1401-EX instances are to be kept on file at Site-19 and are available on request. Investigation into the whereabouts of PoI-5720 is currently ongoing within the state of Illinois.

Description: SCP-1401-EX is the collective designation for a group of at least 22 printed images. These images were previously found printed and stapled onto telephone poles around Illinois, USA. SCP-1401-EX instances take the form of a warning poster, informing the viewer of a nonexistent ailment defined as “being scrombled [sic].” The stylization of these posters is similar to numerous internet memes and are often edited to be surreal and nonsensical for comedic effect. The listed symptoms of SCP-1401-EX vary between instances but are often unclear or nonsensical phrases with poor grammar. These include:

  • Experience of dust
  • Bones being not from your elbow
  • Not from the tuba
  • Knowledge of the energy within the green arounds
  • Entities in the surroundings

Instances will always end with the sentence, “Don’t worry about it it’s fine.”

The phrasing of these symptoms is thought to be intentionally suggestive to confuse readers of SCP-1401-EX currently suffering from mild ailments. All individuals claiming to have been affected by SCP-1401-EX have been found to have symptoms unrelated to the poster’s contents, with effects of a preexisting injury or illness being attributed to SCP-1401-EX.

History: SCP-1401-EX was first discovered on 08/03/██ when reports from Illinois hospitals describing a “mystery disease” were discovered. An embedded Agent was able to interview a number of affected individuals, discovering the existence and location of SCP-1401-EX from a patient. MTF Eta-10 (“See No Evil”) was deployed to contain the anomaly, which was originally thought to be cognitohazardous. Nine instances were discovered and were given to the Site-19 cognitohazardous research facility. After extensive testing, it was determined that SCP-1401-EX possessed no anomalous properties.

During post recovery analysis, SCP-1401-EX was mentioned in several chat rooms associated with GoI-5869 (“Gamers Against Weed”). The following are chat logs discussing SCP-1401-EX’s initial distribution.

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