238 Rewrite Draft 2

Entrance to SCP-238.

Item #: SCP-238

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-16 has been built around the entrance to SCP-238. Due to SCP-238's depth beneath the Earth's surface, no further containment procedures are required, beyond standard protocol for civilian interaction with SCP objects.

Description: SCP-238 is an immense network of tunnels and chambers, several miles beneath the Earth's surface. The only entrance into SCP-238 is an eight-meter-wide opening on the island of Shmidta, north of Russia.

SCP-238 itself is made entirely of fossilized tissue from an unknown organism. While the complete extent of SCP-238 is unknown, exploration data reveals that the tunnel network extends for thousands of kilometers, and may possibly encompass the entire Earth. The circumstances of SCP-238's creation are unknown.

Addendum 238.1 (Exploration Log 1): Below is a log of an exploration conducted by MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats"), Unit 3.

[00:00] Unit 3 enters SCP-238. The entrance quickly flattens from a vertical shaft into an incline. For the sake

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