5790 Declassified

What's up everyone, back with another Declass. This time, we'll be taking a look at SCP-5790. First off, let's take a look at the Object Class and see what we're dealing with-


… Well. Alright, let's take a look at the containment procedures-

Special Containment Procedures: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Looks like we've got a real treat on our hands today. What we're dealing with is an infohazard, which is an anomaly that's hazardous to just know about. It's like SCP-049 x SCP-035 smut- you're not gonna have a good time knowing that exists.

Where this goes beyond other infohazards like [SCP-370](http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-370), or the aforementioned smut, is that the entire description, special containment procedures, and object has been totally expunged. Notice the number it ended up as- it's a sort of spiritual successor to [SCP-579](http://scp-wiki.net/scp-579), and in my mind much better played.

So how do we figure this out? We take a look at their informational handling procedures. That's right, they don't have procedures for how to handle the anomaly, they have procedures on how to handle the procedures.

Protocol ICON as its called, is the Foundation's method of erasing all information about 5790, taking a variety of forms depending on the source of knowledge. We're going to skip that for now, and focus on what they call the informational afterlife, which is exactly what it sounds like.

So, they've successfully erased all information on 5790. But occasionally they might need to check on some details about it, like its containment procedures. So what do they do? They get themselves a medium, and summon the information back from its afterlife for consultation. After which, the medium is amnectized and the information is destroyed after no more than a week.

Think about the lengths going here. Imagine they needed a key from someone, but instead of keeping them alive, they instead killed them and only brought them back to life occasionally. That's how dangerous 5790 is.

But what exactly ~~is~~ 5790? That's something you have to pay attention to. Lets go back to Protocol ICON purge methods. Depending on the source of the information, its dealt with in different ways. For example, any information in the database on it is automated to delete itself weekly. Physical records are forbidden to be created, and any such information is cremated in ritualistic ovens and pyres-

Wait, what? Odd way to destroy it.

The next method deals with unauthorized records made by personnel. The personnel in question is demoted, and amenctized and held in quarantine for at least three months in case unspecified anomalous activity happens. If nothing does occur, they're free to go. If it does, they die. Yikes.

Our biggest source of information so far is how they deal with the brains of 5790's containment team, with amnectization and a staff rotation occurring twice a year to prevent any memories rising back up.

If [DATA EXPUNGED] has already manifested, the site is to be quarantined and MTFs Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") and Theta-0 ("Antihierophanics") are to be dispatched to the location.

Interesting. Mu-13, as you can guess from the name, deals with "the tracking, analysis, and containment of incorporeal or intangible manifestations and entities." Which suggests 5790, in addition to being a virulent infohazard, is also spectral in nature.

Antihierophanics is something that requires a little research. According to Wikipedia, a hierophany is the manifestation of the sacred or divine. So what would be a Antiheirophany? What is the opposite of the divine?

[DATA EXPUNGED] potential delayed manifestation, any persons with non-atheistic religious beliefs are to be terminated shortly thereafter. Any realised iconography is to be extracted from the cerebellum and incinerated.

So people who hold religious beliefs other than atheism are vulnerable to this. Considering we've already gotten information that its tied to religion, this isn't exactly surprising, but every little bit helps.

Iconography is an interesting term that can either mean 1: the visual images and symbols used in a work of art or the study or interpretation of these, or 2: a collection of illustrations or portraits. Given the context, it appears to be relating to religious imagery- that is to say, the infohazard somehow makes religious iconography manifest in the brain, and must be extracted then incinerated.

We also run into another MTF, this time being Chi-9 ("Page Turners"), which has shown up in another few Malice skips. Their job is to Search and Destroy all pre-existing mentions of 5790 in literature. While this may suggest it has a literary component to it, it appears that 5790 was just pre-existing in our culture. Curious for something so deadly.

The next section also mentions the need to burn relevant relics (appears to mean the iconography), [DATA EXPUNGED] (of course), and civilian corpses. So what we've learned so far about its effects is that while it's not fatal given a prompt response time, civilians who discover it on their own are certainly doomed. There's also a mention of exorcism equipment, which suggests it either lingers after death, or it can be used to disinfect civilians.

An interesting tidbit is that even though the MTF members are amnectized after coming into contact with 5790 or i5790 (information on 5790), they're still not allowed to come into contact with it more than twice a year. The sole exception is Theta-0 ("Antihierophanics"), who have an unspecified vital task that requires it. All of them get neural surgeries for psychological disorders that are predicted to come up. I'm not sure if that's due to constant amnestics or lingering exposure to 5790, but it speaks to the gravity of the situation if that's considered acceptable.

Our final clue comes in the form of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Are you starting to sense a theme here?

[DATA EXPUNGED] widespread theistic belief systems. Protocol MATTHEW (long-term global-theological cultural shift) has been put in place to facilitate this.

Interesting. Remember what we were told about non-atheistic religious beliefs being more vulnerable earlier? Based on this, I'd wager the expunged data has something to do with changing society to turn away from theistic religions, which suggest they're the most vulnerable to 5790.

For any other organization on the planet, I'd say this is impossible. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism have about 4.5 billion worshipers between them. That's about roughly 60 percent of the entire goddamn world. You'd have a hard time changing that and keeping quiet about it.

But it's the Foundation.

[DATA EXPUNGED] increase biological similarity between cerebrospinal fluid and holy water to lower death toll

…Okay. I'm not sure how exactly they're going to do that, but apparently holy water creates a resistance to it. Good to know.

So what exactly is 5790?

It's a false god. A false idol, if you prefer.

At one point in its existence, it was somehow alive and culturally relevant, which appears to be why its referred to in existing literature.

However, something changed. Perhaps actual Gods popped up, and all its followers flocked to the new kid down the street, causing it to die of neglect. Perhaps its devotees caught onto its act and realized it was a fraud. Whatever happened, it died.

But that couldn't stop it. It still existed, corrupting the religious beliefs of anyone who learnt of its existence. In an effort to stop it, the Foundation destroyed all information on it that they could find, effectively erasing it from history. Further plans are still going on to stop it: religious belief shift, increase of holy water in humans. They want to bury this thing. Make it like it never existed.

But it's still there.

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