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SCP-3XXX - Special Containment Procedures 3XXX

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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX will be stored within Martian Land Reserve-12 (MLR-12), an approximately 10km2 section of Hellas Planitia shaped to depict the body orientation of Senior Researcher Sara Harris at the time of her death, currently known to have been a fetal position. Negotiation with the Free Hellas Martian States has allowed the Foundation to control a region 30km in radius around MLR-12 to prevent the nation's citizens from nearing the region and conceptualizing SCP-3XXX. This region has been fenced off and outfitted with a tracking laser array that will terminate any subjects that enter without authorization.

On 15-September of each year a 1m3 chunk of granite, with the inside hollowed out and filled with the blood of Senior Researcher Sara Harris1, will be dropped into MLR-12 from a minimum height of 50km. One D-Class will be deployed at the site of the chunk's impact and will perform the following actions:

  1. Verbally recognize that they are performing the containment procedures for SCP-3XXX
  2. Physically embrace an appropriately sized chunk of granite while singing Hellas Martian cultural songs
  3. Read the sermons spoken at the funeral of Senior Researcher Sara Harris
  4. Repeatedly engrave "[REDACTED]" and "[DATA EXPUNGED]" into their skin with a piece of granite
  5. Verbally recognize that they are a genetic relative of Senior Researcher Sara Harris

A specialized explosive device embedded within the subject will then detonate, and the subject will assume a fetal position. Conceptual Containment Construct 3XXX2 will then perform conceptual modifications that make all sensory stimuli received by the subject be perceived as a form of pain. Upon expiration a metal plaque inscribed with the containment procedures for SCP-3XXX will be embedded in the cadaver.

Revision of the object class constitutes a breach in procedures. Further changes to this procedure are impossible. The description will have a maximum character length of 100 characters to prevent what can be conceptualized of as a breach in procedures, though this will be kept at a lower amount for additional safety precautions.

Description: SCP-3XXX are the procedures for its own containment. See above for further information.

Addendum: Below are documents regarding SCP-3XXX prior to the creation of the current containment procedures on 15-September-2101.

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