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Title: Left Behind

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D-1982 after testing, seen by the SCPS Lance in Low Earth Orbit.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Threat Level: White-Black ◑

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is currently stored at Site-3XXX, the location of its discovery. This facility is solely staffed with Research Team 3XXX members, all of whom have been implanted with non-coding gene sequence GY12P. These researchers will be screened for Foundation loyalty on a monthly basis. If determined to be likely to intentionally prevent the full activation of SCP-3XXX, they will be removed from the research team administered amnestics, and have GY12P excised.

All testing of SCP-3XXX must be conducting with one SCP-3XXX-A instance lowered. Members of Research Team 3XXX must avoid direct interaction with the test subject, as to avoid potentially lethal anomalous phenomenon. If an SCP-3XXX-1 displays highly abnormal and dangerous behavior, Scranton Reality Anchors at the facility will be activated. The SCP-3XXX-A will be examined every two weeks to ensure that no major genetic alterations have occurred.

The full activation of SCP-3XXX must be approved by a unanimous O5 Council vote. If approved, personnel at Site-3XXX will lower all ten SCP-3XXX-A instances into SCP-3XXX. As the reasons for SCP-3XXX usage may vary, there are no set plans for the aftermath of activation.

No personnel outside of Research Team 3XXX and the O5 Council are to know of SCP-3XXX.


Site-3XXX at the time of discovery.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a machine that—if fully activated—will cause cause an LK-Class species transmutation event, resulting in the effective extinction of humanity excluding those possessing GY12P.1

The main mass of SCP-3XXX is a 10m tall bronze cylinder, surrounded by an array of complex mechanical systems and objects with impossible geometric structures. These structures continually generate electric energy, presumably powering SCP-3XXX and connected devices. Above the cylinder are ten metal rods (SCP-3XXX-A instances) encompassed by a gelatinous substance. This substance is found to contain all Homo sapiens sapiens genetic material, along with that of H. sapiens subspecies and Homo genus species.2 Removed samples of the gel will regenerate in a period of seconds.

SCP-3XXX is activated through the use of a mechanical interface, consisting of ten levers attached to a panel. Lowering a lever lowers a corresponding SCP-3XXX-A instance into a hole on SCP-3XXX, creating a region where human subjects will experience the following:

  1. Gradual transmutation of their skin and limbs into a translucent fluid and ectoplasm (~12 hours).
  2. Spontaneous sublimation and ionization of their sensory organs, creating a large burst of plasma (10 seconds).
  3. The reformation of all remaining body parts and fluids into an amorphous mass, visually appearing as a gaseous mass (~40 seconds).

The resultant entities (SCP-3XXX-B) display various anomalous properties that including telepathy, the ability to phase through most solid materials, and limited reality bending. Instances are docile and have shown no signs of hostility. Common behavior involves leaving the point of their creation and moving into the upper atmosphere, circling Earth or moving into different regions of the solar system. SCP-3XXX-B rarely communicate, though it has been observed by the Foundation.

Three days after transmutation, 80% of SCP-3XXX-B will begin releasing large amounts of visible light and ionizing radiation. All observation devices near the entity invariably shut down during the event, and witnessing personnel are unable to recall any details on what transpired. The last images taken all show the formation of an apparent luminescent circular wormhole. No details from the opposite side of the wormhole have been discerned. After this event the SCP-3XXX-B instance will have vanished. The remaining 20% of instances either dissipate over a variable length of time or continue their normal behavior.

Testing has found that the number of SCP-3XXX-A instances lowered corresponds to the size of the region where SCP-3XXX-B will be created. One instance creates a spherical region with a radius of ~2m, and three instances create a radius of 10km. It is presumed that, if all instances are lowered, this region will encompass at least the entirety of Earth.

Activation of SCP-3XXX may be approved under the following circumstances:

As of January-1-2020, one full activation of SCP-3XXX has occurred.

Discovery: Information on the discovery of SCP-3XXX is limited, as it coincides with a full activation in 2006. The first Foundation records on the anomaly describe its discovery in January of 2007, where it was found with all SCP-3XXX-A instances lowered, though files in the database suggest that a major LK-Class scenario occurred prior to this point. Many details in initial reports are also missing, an example being the complete lack of information on the creation of GY12P.

Relevant files from the 2006 activation are below.


Still frame from Video/3XXX/1.


The video shows the night side of Earth from Low Earth Orbit, presumably viewing the European continent. Much of the horizon is illuminated by an orange glow, the source of which is unknown.

As the camera moves bright flashes of light periodically occur on the Earth's surface, initially in cloud formations but eventually in visible cities. Over time the frequency of the flashes increases to the point where the entire landmass is covered in them. This lasts for a minute before ceasing. Most city lights and other human light sources are not present beyond this point.

A bright flash of light occurs next to the camera. Pieces of broken metal begin moving past it, along with a long gaseous appendage.



How the scenario was stopped is undetermined. The leading hypothesis is that certain non-coding gene sequences now found in humans were added to the genetic presets in SCP-2000, allowing for the creation of new humans that would not be affected by SCP-3XXX. As no humans would have been alive to activate SCP-2000, it is unknown what would have caused this.

Addendum: On January-2-2020, D-8721 was implanted with GY12P and had the gene subsequently excised. When SCP-3XXX was activated for testing D-8721 remained unaffected by the anomaly, despite lacking GY12P. Subsequent tests where GY12P was implanted and removed in D-Class subjects all had the same result.

Further research on GY12P to determine if it possesses any anomalous properties discovered that the gene contains a binary message, written in all known human languages:

We're sorry.

It is now presently assumed that all personnel who have possessed or currently possess GY12P are permanently unable to be affected by SCP-3XXX. In the event that SCP-3XXX is activated and no anomalies that could potentially recreate humanity are available, all applicable personnel (including the O5 Council) will be provided with cyanide capsules or granted access to an anomaly of their choice, lethal or otherwise.

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