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SCP-3XXX in service.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3XXX cannot currently be physically contained, and as its anomalous properties are not outwardly visible, SCP-3XXX will be allowed to continue to operate publicly. Amnestics will be administered in the event that any civilians notice anomalous phenomenon.

Monitoring equipment has been installed into SCP-3XXX, and once a month a containment researcher will interview SCP-3XXX-A. Cover stories regarding an anonymous philanthropist are being disseminated to explain the appearances of money obtained by SCP-3XXX. If any significant abnormal behavior is displayed, Mobile Task Force Upsilon-20 ("Hogtown Garrison")1 will be dispatched for containment.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a Flexity Outlook streetcar operated by a Type I Tartarean Entity (SCP-3XXX-A), currently serving on the Spadina streetcar line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The vehicle appears normal from the outside, though various deviations from standard Flexity streetcars exist. This includes:

  • Structures composed of human bone tissue replacing many interior components. These are not normally noticeable, as they are covered in thin layers of materials present in normal Flexity Outlook streetcars.
  • Alchemical symbols carved into the insides of various devices.
  • A machine constructed from sulfur compounds, which continually pumps human blood through the vehicle to generate electricity. SCP-3XXX does not need to be connected to an overhead wire to stay powered.
  • A small wormhole that manifests in the fare vending machine, transporting 10% of deposited physical money to homeless persons and charity groups in the city every 12 hours.

SCP-3XXX-A is capable of changing their appearance, typical assuming the appearance of a different Toronto streetcar operator each day. Researchers have witnessed SCP-3XXX-A changing to non-human shapes at times when no passengers are on SCP-3XXX. This is not visible from outside of the streetcar, where SCP-3XXX-A is seen as momentarily vanishing until regaining a human form. Refer to Interview 3XXX-A/3 for further information.

A plaque with the following text is on the underside of SCP-3XXX:

Aiding the denizens of above with the best of below
Est. 1950

Investigation into the group is ongoing.

Discovery: SCP-3XXX was discovered on 29-August-2010, when the Toronto Police Service received multiple phone calls describing a streetcar appearing in a flash of red light. MTF Upsilon-20 was sent and quickly contained SCP-3XXX, storing SCP-3XXX-A in an anti-thaumaturgy chamber. After all witnessing subjects were amnesticized the vehicle was transported to Site-201.

However, at 2:00 a.m. SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-A were surrounded by a red mist, which vanished along with the anomalies after several minutes. SCP-3XXX was then observed ejecting out of Lake Ontario by MTF Nu-3 ("Limnophobia"), reaching a height of 570m before accelerating into the city. Personnel observed it operating as a normal streetcar the subsequent day. Current containment procedures were developed after this event.

SCP-3XXX-A is presumed to have been first encountered three years prior in EE-5092. On April-5-2007, bystanders in the St. George station of the Topronto subway reportedly saw a series of flashing lights at the end of a subway tunnel. A minute after a train exited the tunnel, moving at high velocities and subsequently derailing in a crash that killed five civilians. First responders investigating the crash discovered numerous dismembered cadavers with body malformations and machines of unknown purpose on the train, as well as space-time anomalies and train cars entirely filled with blood.2

Several minutes after the crash multiple people witnessed a male subject staggering away from the train, with a long sword penetrating their chest. When medical personnel arrived the subject was surrounded in a red mist similar to the one that encompassed SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-A, with the subject vanishing soon after. Refer to File EE-5092 for further information.


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