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Title: Dead Empires Do Not End Wars

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The landscape and ruins above SCP-3XXX.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site 3XXX has been constructed above SCP-3XXX. A lift has been built in the tunnel that leads down to the chamber, which will be used to transport any equipment into the chamber for research. Inspections will be made on a bimonthly basis to ensure that anomalous phenomenon within SCP-3XXX are not affecting the tunnel's integrity.

All monitoring equipment (cameras, high-sensitivity microphones, Kant Counters, e.t.c.) must be built along the chamber walls to ensure a low chance of being affected spontaneous reality destabilization. Cameras must be equipped with SCRAMBLE-derived cognitohazard blockers to prevent personnel exposure to SCP-3XXX-B5. No personnel are allowed to enter SCP-3XXX under any conditions. Robotic units will be used to set up monitoring equipment and make repairs.

Research into the historical significance of SCP-3XXX is ongoing. Project Hetu Luosho clearance is required for further information.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an underground chamber located in the Tarim Basin of northwest China, 100m beneath the surface, which experiences continuous reality restructuring events alongside anomalous military conflicts.

The chamber floor (1.2km2 surface area) is identical in appearance to the surface landscape directly above it, which consists of rocky terrain with short hills and scarce vegetation. Inspection of the chamber walls found that it was primarily composed of a substance chemically similar to concrete, suggesting that it had been constructed artificially, though with internal structures resembling vascular plant tissues present. Complex sigils are carved into the walls, suspected to be thaumaturgic in nature, though all are damaged and as such cannot be fully researched by the Department of Thaumaturgy. SCP-3XXX is illuminated to typical daylight levels (100,000 lux) by an unknown source.

The only entrance to SCP-3XXX is at the bottom of a vertical tunnel leading to the surface, which had been covered by an iron hatch. The message "Never enter" is carved onto the hatch in twenty scripts, a majority of which are unidentified. At the time of discovery the hatch was buried 6m underground, underneath the ruins of an unknown city, and surrounded by non-anomalous chemical explosive devices. All but one of these devices were non-functional when the entrance was accidentally discovered by an archaeological crew.

In the center of the chamber is a large bronze structure (designated SCP-3XXX-A), superficially resembling a gear, which has multiple entrances on its sides and apparent battlements on its top. Surrounding SCP-3XXX-A, each at different locations near the chamber walls, are five entities (designated SCP-3XXX-B instances). Details on the entities are as follows:

SCP-3XXX-B1: A humanoid entity possessing reptilian features. Their head resembles that of a Naja atra (Chinese cobra) and the body is entirely covered in snake like scales, with the legs replaced by a snake-like tail. Both arms are mechanical in nature. Embedded in the chest is a cylindrical device seemingly built from beryllium bronze alloy. Several spears are penetrating through their neck and arms. The entity is in a fetal position. Connections to the Xia Anomalous Culture Group1 are presumed to exist.

SCP-3XXX-B2: A humanoid entity wearing red robes and a white mask with seven eye-holes. A white heptagram is present on the back of the robes. This and other symbols on the clothing match those used in the Ortothan religion2. In place of a left arm is a long mass of metallic tendrils, several of which connect to a hemispherical machine. SCP-3XXX-B2 is permanently in a kneeling position.

SCP-3XXX-B3: A vaguely humanoid mass that releases high amounts of electromagnetic radiation, solar radiation though with a significantly lower brightness. Observation at less common wavelengths find that it is suspended in the air and facing upward, with all limbs splayed out. A jadeite spire engraved with iconography of three-legged crows3 continually oscillates through its mass.

SCP-3XXX-B4: A humanoid entity wearing full body armor matching that of Daevic design (c. 1600 BCE). A short wooden obelisk extends from its back, which is carved in Daevic cultural symbols and thaumaturgic glyphs. Two additional arms are present, constructed out of wood. Their legs are severed and they are permanently in a crawling motion, facing SCP-3XXX-A.

SCP-3XXX-B5: Undetermined. Its entire body is cognitohazardous in nature, causing full brain death when viewed at any wavelength of light, preventing any analysis on its appearance. SCP-3XXX-B5 is the only instance that exhibits mobility on occasion and the only instance that is not in the chamber at all times. Tracks resembling those produced by snakes are left on the ground as it moves.

With the exception of SCP-3XXX-B5, all SCP-3XXX-B instances are inactive in the chamber and are not altered by reality restructuring events.

SCP-3XXX-C collectively designates a variety of anomalous entities, objects, and machines that are militaristic in nature. The instances manifest around SCP-3XXX-B and move toward the center of the the area, combatting opposing instances while attempting to enter SCP-3XXX-A. As instances manifest at irregular intervals in inconsistent manners, combat in SCP-3XXX is hectic. Abrupt cases of reality bending have neutralized half of all instances.

Measurements taken by Kant Counters have found that reality within SCP-3XXX erratically fluctuates between states of high and low stability, which varies depending on location. The chamber walls are currently known to be the most stable areas, though significant reality alterations can occur there. Due to these effects, all research on the anomaly has been limited to monitoring at its edges.


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