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Title: An Exoplanet Looking Down War's Gunsights

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Item #: SCP-4XXX Level 4/4XXX-Te2
Object Class: Euclid Classified

[binary sunrise image]

Special Containment Procedures: As (blah) and the star cluster it is in are 28,000 light-years away from the solar system, no signs of current events in the area will be observed by astronomers. In the event that signs of extraterrestrial life from the planet are observed, standard disinformation protocols will be put into effect.

Training from the Exobiology Department, the Extrasolar Activities Division, and training on the Ortothan religion is required for personnel to be assigned to Research Team 4XXX. Foundation researchers and artificial intelligence constructs stationed at (blah) must adhere to all rules by the resident entities, unless doing so would endanger the lives of personnel. Direct involvement in the war effort against the Twelve Stars civilization is prohibited.

The current research team investigating SCP-4XXX is the crew of Semiautonomous Exploration Vessel Kessler-002.


(blah) as seen from orbit.

Description: SCP-4XXX collectively designates the anomalous phenomena surrounding exoplanet (blah), located in Globular Cluster Terzan 2, and its population of extraterrestrial Ortothan entities. The planet is routinely attacked by a technologically advanced civilization referred to as "Twelve Stars," which is engaged in a war against the entire Ortothan population of Terzan 2.

(blah) is a carbon planet, containing more carbon than oxygen, and as such possesses very few oxygen-based compounds. The atmosphere is primarily carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and the surface is covered in hydrocarbon deposits and graphite. The mass is ~1.405 M (Earth masses) and the radius is ~1.220 R (Earth radii).

Multiple mountains of diamond, likely formed underground and forced to the surface by volcanic activity, are present. Rivers, larger liquid bodies, and rainfall composed of oils exist, though much of the surface is arid. How much Twelve Stars attacks have contributed to creating the current environment is uncertain, though the remnants of buildings, biomes, and craters indicate that the planet was less arid in its past. Few native organisms have been found.

The predominant Ortothan species inhabiting (blah) is SoI-4XXX.

Anomalous members of SoI-4XXX are designated SCP-4XXX-M.

[details on species]

Refer to Addendum.2 for further information.

SCP-4XXX-N are biomechanical entities that harvest ectoplasm generated by deceased SoI-4XXX members.

[vague spooky info on ectoplasm harvesting]

SCP-4XXX-O is an interconnected network of anomalous defensive structures and weaponry in (blah)'s orbit.

[details on orbital defense]

[stuff about anomalies on/around the planet, alien population, ectoplasm harvesting]

Information on the Twelve Stars civilization is lacking.

[Twelve Stars details]

Twelve Stars invasions involve the formation of wormholes in high (blah) orbit, which military spacecraft exit before the wormholes shrink and demanifest. Attempts to determine where the wormholes lead have failed; no light exits the structures and any approaching probe is destroyed by the spacecraft. The technology, weaponry, and vehicles sent this way are designated SCP-4XXX-P.

Invasion details vary. Common methods of attack have included:

  • Orbital bombardment with thaumonuclear munitions
  • Apportation of explosives and other weaponry
  • Deployment of thaumaturgic mechanical entities into (blah)'s atmosphere

Few attacks have reached the planet's surface, most being halted by SCP-4XXX-O, though it has been observed several times.

The strategic importance (blah) serves is unknown.

Addendum.1: Discovery and Arrival

[stuff on discovery]

The crew of SEV Kessler-002 is as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence Construct Chione.aic1
  • Researcher Naomi J. Watts
  • Researcher Alexander Maxwell
  • Researcher Hyeon 3Mun
  • Researcher Micha Maina
  • S-1014-E65 ("Operator")2

[stuff on arrival]

Addendum.2: Observations On SoI-4XXX Culture


Addendum.#: SCP-4XXX-Q

[massive invasion, giant ghost warrior release at the end]

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