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Even more junk


  • Ritual Murder By Prada
  • A Stranger in Normal Lands
  • Multi-iteration SCP about the Foundation combating a Fifthist starfish larva monster in orbit (earth and lunar), with anomalotech, hard scifi, large scale brainwashing, threat levels, and cool pics
    • Possible titles: "And the bells do ignite their quintic yells" "1/5st" "From the Quintic Sea of Null" "And the Quintic Bells Ever Yet Ring"
    • Security thingies: "In the halls of the holy the horns are howling" "Thunderous rataplan precedes Homeric eschaton" "
    • Possible GOC orbital forces involvement in neutralization
    • Task Forces:
      • Lunar Orbital Task Force Yus-1 ("Selenocentricity") / LOTF ѫ-1 : Initial containment force dispatched
      • Lunar Orbital Task Force Izhitsa-4 ("Roche Limiters") / LOTF ѵ-4 : Secondary containment force
      • Orbital Task Force Rra-2 ("Keep on Free Falling") / OTF ऱ-2 : Orbital combat force
      • Joint Task Force Om-0 ("Sound of Reckoning") / JTF ॐ-0 : Large scale orbital battalion, mobilized due to the emergency posed by the anomaly, made of multiple existing OTFs and orbital stations
      • Mobile Task Force Koppa-10 ("Anti-Theophany") / MTF ϙ-10 : Mobilized to deal with the brainwashed now-Fifthists
  • Uravol (the Second)
  • The hollowed out corpse of the Uu (galaxy sized) (Uu-Nytat), which has massive civilizations and empires in it. The outside is a dangerous low Hume region, while the inside has high Humes.
    • The flesh hardened into gray muscle-tissue textured rock
    • Largely dark and lightless
    • Areas where the planets that got engulfed are being mined by robots and members of 163's species
    • Massive in size and scale
    • Some areas have large cities, some with artificial stars, some are at war with each other
    • Many empires go to war with each other for long stretches of time
  • MTFs numbered with quaternion units (i, j, k). Possibly handling extra/higher/lower/adjacent dimensions.
    • Mobile Task Force Digamma-i ("Polytopic Ascent") / MTF Ϝ-i
    • Mobile Task Force Digamma-j ("Orthographic Projectors") / MTF Ϝ-j
  • Fifthist church that has a pentagonal hyperbolic interior, filled with weird stuff (suggested to be a fifthist interpretation of heaven turned real)
  • A tale about how bees are a part of an eldritch abomination that can't be perceived, and bees are our way of comprehending it ("The Buzz of [DATA LOST]")
  • "Sound of Spheres" A surreal SCP about spheres (possibly cognitohazardous and extradimensional)
  • GOC Peacekeeping force in a country during an anomalous war, written in a GOC report on the peacekeeping (new format)
    • Antarctic Empire vs. Eastern Samothrace, with two different reports involving the Empire having won or a war still being fought
    • Thanks to Tuomey for coming up with this idea and letting me write it
  • Baijing Opera Theatre
    • The Baijing Kingdom was an ancient civilization destroyed during the Ortothan-Daevic War, possibly emerging shortly after the Day of Flowers
    • Online account for something teleports the user to the theatre, which is in an unknown location
    • Color palette: Blue, purple, white
    • Actors are worm/insect creatures with white mask-like heads and black bodies with white patterns
      • Are often killed during performances, replaced by fresh batches each performance
      • Person teleported back to their original position after the performance ends
  • Antarctic Exchange: Foundation researchers accompany a small fishing caste at the shores, weird stuff happens
  • Some weird Oneiroi physical creature
  • Prometheus Labs dreamcatcher (Third Law) (probably a skip)
  • SCP set on Mars, with MTFs designated with coptic letters (MTF ϣ-19, MTF ϭ-2, etc) (Martian Containment Area-01)
  • Fifthist pentaquark mass (anomalously stable and not decaying)
    • "I think quark-degenerate matter is generally assumed to be a highly reflective superconducting superfluid with absurdly large density… a really, really fucking heavy liquid… like, we're talking about getting ripped apart by tidal forces if a droplet falls in front of you…" - Ellied
    • If in space stuff could orbit it (following roche limit)
  • Strangelet apocalypse
  • Large sentient vertebra dying from radiation poisoning (bone marrow dissolving) that's orbiting Venus because it wants to see one last pretty sight
  • Sexually transmitted sharks
  • Low Hume area at the bottom of lake Toronto that was a Prometheus Labs/Prometheus Aquatics facility (intact portion is miles away and is an entrance area, with the facility's databases)
    • Researchers there discover a very low Hume area, mess around and create a hole to the Voru. SCP-2742 instances come in along with Uravol. They start trapping the 2742, which Uravol possesses and causes massive reproduction with.
    • Hume levels plummet and Uravol begins reality bending, attempting to rebuild his body. The facility undergoes massive structural damage. One researcher reactivates the thing that made the universe hole and blasts Uravol, the instances, and the facility out of the universe.
  • Ancient Daevite fingerguns, a feared weapon
  • GOC Third Law GoI format
    • Geas transmitting thaumic powered radio station, intended for offensive use by causing that syndrome
  • "Pseudowalls are a highly dangerous pest that may end up in your home. If you suspect that a wall has been replaced by a pseudowall, avoid all contact with the wall. Do not be within close proximity of the wall. Place edible objects by the wall and observe. If the objects are consumed, contact authorities."
  • Psionic Popularity Modulator
  • Abstract Naught
    • Followup series to UIU File 2014-014
    • Ennoiatheama - The ability to see concepts. Ennoiakinesis - Concept bending/modifying
    • Series name: State of Being. Tale names: Parmenidian Tango, Ennoiakinetic Collision, Noumenal Glimpse, Anteroom to Ascension,
  • Warzone at the Edge of Unreality - CotSH machine that temporally moves your consciousness to a planet-sized heptagram-shaped 7-armed mechas that fight Voruteut within the Southern Local Supervoid
    • Most piloted by Church of the Second Hytoth "Knights" in crazy anime battles
    • Fighting outside of where Rakmou-leusan fights to avoid reality distortions destroying the mechas
  • Little Bens (Elizabeth Tower replicas that are small and have insect legs at the base (and other body horror) (hinted to be from UnLondon)) appear in Elizabeth Tower and take over the building's renovation. Renovators get killed and weird shit happens
  • An extraterrestrial entity in the Terzan 2 globular cluster, releasing large amounts of X-Rays to preach Ortothan mythological stories to other entities in the globular cluster
    • "Although it appears that globular clusters contain some of the first stars to be produced in the galaxy, their origins and their role in galactic evolution are still unclear." Ancient and eldritch

Ideas from .gibs

  • "a standard mysql structur eto"
  • And every time the account puts him in a normal Baijing Opera theatre
  • Which part of the concept of it
  • Foundation division battle over info on the sun, that kind of stuff
  • No cronching happens if there is future potential

Markov Ideas:

  • http://kaktuskontainer.wdfiles.com/local--files/9volt-3/scp_fuel_1.txt
    • SCP-262852 - The Vorehouse of Trip to Assassashion
      • I imagine it as the foundation trying to destroy an anomalous teleporting brothel whose non-human workers consume their customers - Modern_Erasmus
    • SCP-2618 - Counter Men Angel's gone bad Language
      • Putting the holy in holy shit - Modern_Erasmus
    • SCP-1389 - Concavity Fast Be Drowned by A Triviality Sun
      • Concavity fast! BE DROWNED BY A TRIVIALITY SUN! (guy destroys a growing concavity with a big sun (which is trivial because summoning suns isn't a big deal))


  • "Gauss rifles? Bah! Back in my day we beat aliens to death with only our plasma sabers!"
  • On the Mighty Deep
  • Unfathom™
  • Noogenesis
  • Effervescence of the Deacon
  • Superfluous Paroxysm Over a Peccadillo
  • To Prognosticate
  • Draconian Mien
  • Preterhumanity
  • ℍ : Adventures Along Four Axes
  • Eschaton
  • Nilpotent Impossibility
  • Heavenwards Shrapnel
  • Moribound

Names that I may use for people and things

  • Orson Grand
  • Birthlight Industries
  • Anabel Sloan

Weird K-Class ideas. Will I ever use these? Hell if I know.

  • ȜK-Class Antimatter Generation / Annihilation Scenario (Yogh-K)
  • ƢK-Class Solar Black Hole Scenario (Gha-K)
  • ŊK-Class Extra-Universal Invasion Scenario (Eng-K)
  • ǶK-Class Narrative Retcon Scenario (Hwair-K)
  • ǷK-Class Universe Combination Scenario (Wynn-K)
  • TK-Class Temporal Freeze Scenario
  • OK-Class Rapid Universe Expansion Scenario
  • ƔK-Class Universal Shrinkage Scenario (Gamma-K)
  • ƱK-Class (Upsilon-K)

Fun words

  • Gaiety
  • The least used English words
  • Some more
  • Even more
  • Pontifex
  • Immanence
  • Interpenetrate
  • Numinous
  • Telestic
  • Anagoge
  • Telegnosis
  • Preterhuman
  • Phrenic
  • Triage
  • Verdure
  • Ephemeral
  • Nascent
  • Prospekt
  • Nilpotent (math term)
  • Poltroon
  • Genuflect: Lower one's body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect.
  • Mote: A tiny piece of a substance.

<3 Vacuum

this is some, david lynch type shit
i think i might just barely understand it and what i do is really fuckin cool
it feels supremely original, as i said before in a very surreal, nightmarish fashion
which admittedly isn't saying much, becaus i consider myself a purveyor of literary schlock, but both as a mindfuck and an interesting cerebral experience, i am floored

Poem fragments

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