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Title: Unknown Heat Signature Detected

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Infrared image of SCP-4XXX, taken during Manifestation #7.

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has issued an anomalous activity warning to all persons and companies legally transporting supplies originating from colonies on Europa. This will remain in effect until proper containment of the anomaly is devised. As SCP-4XXX does not compromise post-veil loss Foundation secrecy protocols and does not dissuade colonization of the Jovian system, a full coverup is not planned.

Description: SCP-4XXX is an unknown anomaly that manifests around subjects1 transporting materials originating from Europa. The details of manifestations can greatly vary, though all involve a subject detecting heat radiation being emitted by a nonexistent object. The object will approach the subject then eventually demanifest. Other anomalous phenomena often occur.

Manifestations have been observed for as long as a human presence at Europa has existed. Due to this the anomaly has the status of a legend among astronauts, though it is much lesser known than those of anomalies such as SCP-████.

The full nature of SCP-4XXX is under investigation.

Addendum: Abridged List of Recorded SCP-4XXX Manifestations


Render of the Europa Clipper mission.

Manifestation #: 1

Date: 9-November-2025

Description: During the Europa Clipper mission performed by NASA, intended to study Europa through repeated flybys while in Jupiter orbit, the Clipper orbiter detects SCP-4XXX in infrared photos of the moon's surface.

Each photo showed the anomaly approach the probe at progressively closer distances until the camera was wholly obscured by the heat radiation. SCP-4XXX is an amorphous mass in all photos, with no Contact with the orbiter was lost for six hours after the last image was sent, at which point the Foundation was alerted to anomalous activity. The probe displayed no abnormalities after the event.

This is the only known manifestation to have occurred prior to the first human landing on Europa in 2030. The orbiter had no materials from the moon.

Manifestation #: 2

Date: 11-June-2030

Description: Astronaut Hanuel Mun of the manned Jovian Frontier mission reports a "strange warmth" behind them as they drive a rover containing Europan surface ice to their landing craft. The warmth intensifies as they near the lander, reaching a point where they refuse to drive further to not feel warmer. Infrared photos taken from orbit found abnormal flashes of thermal radiation at the lander's location at this time. Burn wounds were found on their back.

Manifestation #: 5

Date: 22-October-2032

Description: Foundation spacecraft SCPS Woven Dilemma observes SCP-4XXX approaching while transporting anomalous minerals found in the Europan ocean. Loud clanging sounds are heard throughout the ship, seemingly coming from internal mechanics. All of the ship's containment chambers spontaneously detach shortly after and vanish after 10 hours.

Manifestation #: 9

Date: 13-February-2033

Description: [to-do]

Manifestation #: 14

Date: 22-August-2034

Description: The Europan ice hauler SKS Kandella sends a distress signal regarding "something warm and invisible" approaching their vessel. The ship vanishes.

Manifestation #: 15

Date: 22-August-2035

Description: An unregistered transport vessel, presumably working for an illegal outer solar system organization, sends out distress signals about the "Europan ghost"2 and "sudden flooding." The ship vanishes.

Manifestation #: 16

Date: 23-August-2035

Description: Several underwater mining drones in Europa observe SCP-4XXX, which resembles the heat signature of the Europa Clipper orbiter, and vanish.


Image encoded in Transmission 4XXX/7. Context unknown.

Manifestation #: 17

Date: 24-August-2035

Description: Three hauler ships3, all carrying Europan ice to various interplanetary colonies, encounter SCP-4XXX and lose thrust capabilities. Emergency signals are activated but are lost when the ships simultaneously vanish.

Foundation assets at Jupiter's L2 Lagrangian point receive transmissions from an unknown source an hour later. Signals sent by the Foundation are not responded to and the transmissions quickly end.

Manifestation #: 18

Date: 25-August-2035

Description: The following stations all simultaneously send signals regarding SCP-4XXX sightings:

  • Europan Transport Platform Gamma
  • Uranus Space Station "Red Zeppelin"
  • 2nd Ganymede King-Blessed Orbital Palace
  • Martian Space Station "Hutchinson Orbital"
  • Luna Korea Jovian Military Outpost
  • An unregistered paratech weapons manufacturing outpost in the asteroid belt; name unknown

Contact is lost immediately after.

Foundation investigation finds that each location had become entirely filled with water and organisms originating from Europa. Machinery was undamaged, despite the majority of devices not being built to handle water, but could never be operated by humans even in cases where it would be logically possible. Only one unidentifiable human subject was found, present in Europan Transport Platform Gamma; they had been repurposed as a perpetual energy and food source.

"City lights" were reported by Foundation task forces.

Of note is that each of the stations were areas the subjects lost in Manifestations #9, #14, #15, and #16 were set to transport to. No further recorded manifestations occur until 2044.

Manifestation #: 19

Date: Unknown date; March of 2044

Description: Event details undetermined.


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