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Item #: SCP-3???

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The MIMIR-1 through MIMIR-12 monitor probes will orbit SCP-3???-A and transmit data on the anomaly to Research Outpost-2 and Area-33 via Thaumic Communication Gates. Any probe that enters SCP-3???-A is to be considered lost, and will be replaced. Due to the high radiation levels and threats posed by reality instability, repairs to the probes will be performed with remotely controlled robots. No personnel are allowed to be in orbit around SCP-3???-A.

Research Outpost-2 has been constructed on the surface of exoplanet Te2-9071-c for the research of SCP-3???-B and all other extraterrestrial structures present on it. A Thaumic Transportation Gate that can form a passage to Area-33 has been connected to the facility for the transportation of supplies and personnel. All subjects and devices leaving or entering the facility must obey standard decontamination procedures.

Due to the distance of the Te2-9071 system from Earth, along with the apparent recent occurrence of the events that created SCP-3???-A and SCP-3???-B, civilian discovery of the anomaly is impossible.

Description: SCP-3???-A is an unstable region of reality in orbit around the star Te2-9071. The anomaly visually appears as a gray mass constantly changing shape, surrounding by spatial distortions similar to gravitational lensing. Objects that enter SCP-3???-A will be subject to a number of anomalous effects, with common ones including:

  • Major structural and composition changes
  • Spontaneous displacement in space to other positions in and around SCP-3???-A
  • Duplication
  • Sudden collapse into short-lived gravitational singularities
  • Repeated mass to energy conversion and vice versa

The byproduct of these effects is large amounts of ionizing radiation, mainly in the extreme ultraviolet to gamma radiation range. The photons composing this radiation often exhibit anomalous behavior, vanishing or changing direction to move back into SCP-3???-A.

The size of SCP-3???-A heavily fluctuates, though it normally possess a roughly spherical shape. Measurements taken by the MIMIR probes indicate that the region has a radius of approximately 7,000km in its current state. Despite observed gravitational and spatial anomalies, objects are capable of maintaining stable orbits around SCP-3???-A above a distance of ~8,000km. Lower orbits are subject to change by the aforementioned anomalies. Numerous devices created by extraterrestrial organisms have been found in these high orbits (refer to Addendum.1), and it is currently where the MIMIR probes are located.

SCP-3???-B is a large organic mass on the surface of Te2-9071-c. Its main mass is composed of eight conical structures, designated SCP-3???-B1 through SCP-3???-B8, (~13km tall with 1km submerged, bases with 2.9km radii), located at 45° intervals around a center point. Each structure is connected by millions of long masses (3m radii) resembling muscle fascicles, all of which are submerged underwater. With the exception of the muscle fascicles, SCP-3???-B is entirely composed of a large number of extraterrestrial aquatic fauna. Thousands of different types of fauna have been observed, all fused together at different regions of their bodies.

It is unknown if SCP-3???-B is alive. All constituent fauna are unresponsive to pain threshold tests, and vivisections indicate that all organs are non-functional. However, no decomposition occurs at any point, and any removed flesh remanifests when left unobserved. Large amounts of blue-purple bioluminesence has been observed at times when SCP-3???-A is visible in the sky, despite the lack of any functioning organs or bioluminescent bacteria.

Discovery: SCP-3???-A was discovered after Autonomous Exploration Satellite Milne-006 detected gravitational waves originating from Te2-9071 on 19-March-2022, at a distance of 1 light-year from the system. These waves erratically changed in frequency between 1015 Hz and 10-8 Hz, lasting for 13 hours. As no natural phenomenon is capable of producing gravitational waves with frequencies changing between two extremes, both of which are unlikely to exist in nature, AES M-006 was rerouted from it's original mission to investigate Te2-9071. SCP-3???-A was discovered the following day.

Based on images taken by probes over 5 light-years away from Te2-90711, a planet designated Te2-9071-d occupied the orbit currently held by SCP-3???-A. Assuming the gravitational waves were created when Te2-9071-d turned into or was destroyed by SCP-3???-A, the anomaly was created one year prior to the detection. No Foundation probes have observed the light from this time frame2, which could explain how the anomaly was created.

SCP-3???-B was discovered during an investigation of the system. Following extensive research by probes sent to the surface of Te2-9071-c, the segments of Research Outpost-2 were constructed at Area-33, transported into orbit, then landed on the planet. The Thaumic Transportation Gate from the satellite was subsequently sent the surface and incorporated to the facility.

No other anomalies have been identified within the system.

Addendum.1 - Species of Interest-3???: SoI-3??? designates an extraterrestrial species that lived in the Te2-9071 system, capable of interplanetary travel.

A large number of structures constructed by SoI-3??? have been discovered in orbit around SCP-3???-A and Te2-9071-c. All structures appear to be non-anomalous in nature, though the technology in them is significantly more advanced than that of humanity. Discovered ones include:

  • Communication satellites
  • Refueling stations
  • Toroidal space stations3
  • Nuclear missile platforms

A majority have been found around Te2-9071-c, likely due to SCP-3???-A having destroyed most of the structures around it. Looping radio transmissions have been detected from several satellites and stations, broadcasting a pattern of clicking noises and high pitched beeps. As methods of extraterrestrial translation are lacking the meaning of these is unknown.

Based on anatomical differences between SoI-3??? cadavers and the fauna in SCP-3???-B, along with differences in the chemical structures of genetic material in them, it is likely that SoI-3??? originated from a different planet around Te2-9071. The only other planet in the habitable zone of the star would have been Te2-9071-d.

Machines and cities built by SoI-3??? are present on the surface of Te2-9071-c, though most are in damaged and uninhabitable states (refer to Addendum.2). It is unknown if this species is extant, and if so how many members of it are alive.

Addendum.2 - Exploration of Te2-9071-c: The following are files on the exploration of Te2-9071-c considered pertinent to the documentation for SCP-3???. Full reports can be found in Location of Interest Dossier: Te2-9071-c.

Addendum.3 - SCP-3???-C1: On 8-June-2023 an aerial organism, designated SCP-3???-C15 was observed flying around SCP-3???-B6, 1km above the ocean surface at 30km/h.

The main body of SCP-3???-C1 is similar to that of manta rays, with two pectoral pectoral fins on each side and biradial symmetry, forming an "x"-shape. Two prehensile tendrils, each terminating in an arthropod mandible, are at the head region, which is surrounded by twelve cephalic fins. No eyes appear to be present. Unlike other SCP-3???-C, the organism possessed a 5m long mass of structures similar to muscle fascicles extending from its underside that continually leaked yellow blood.

After detection by monitoring devices around each anomaly, several exobiologists were sent by plane to study and potentially contain the anomaly. After reaching a 10m distance from it, Researcher Jakob Kristoffersen began experiencing vivid hallucinations. An interview was then performed with him.

Immediately after the interview's conclusion SCP-3???-C collided into the ocean's surface and dissolved into yellow blood, which dispersed through the water. No other remains were found.

Addendum.4 - Recovered Footage:


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