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Church of the Second Hytoth Article Ideas


  • Holy First beats up an eldritch monster with holy thaumaturgic punches
  • CotSH members use an ancient portal to travel to an alien world and talk with an alien Ortothan church
    • Alien communicates via shapeshifting their arm into cognitohazardous patterns to mentally "speak"
  • Stuff about the Eitoth
    • Thoughts from thaumic energy causing the stuff in it to manifest in reality
    • The battles between the different afterlife "empires" that appear in the Eitoth's mind from conflictig thoughts on what the afterlife would be like
    • Creatures swimming through the soul gestalt sludge and consuming it
    • Kornoct is partially melded with the Eitoth, letting him watch the inside of of it, Kornoct surrounds it


  • Warzone at the Edge of Unreality - CotSH machine that temporally moves your consciousness to a planet-sized heptagram-shaped 7-armed mechas that fight Voruteut within the Southern Local Supervoid
    • Most piloted by Church of the Second Hytoth "Knights" in crazy anime battles
    • Fighting outside of where Rakmou-leusan fights to avoid reality distortions destroying the mechas
  • The hollowed out corpse of the Uu (galaxy sized) (Uu-Nytat), which has massive civilizations and empires in it. The outside is a dangerous low Hume region, while the inside has high Humes.
    • The flesh hardened into gray muscle-tissue textured rock
    • Largely dark and lightless
    • Areas where the planets that got engulfed are being mined by robots and members of 163's species
    • Massive in size and scale
    • Some areas have large cities, some with artificial stars, some are at war with each other
    • Many empires go to war with each other for long stretches of time
  • SCP-3417 - The one with the CotSH member being haunted by the ghost of the Holy Sixth
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