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A rough hub for the Church of the Second Hytoth until something better is made



An actual hub


Total number of pages

  • 10


Goals of the Church

  • Keep Rakmou-leusan alive
  • Learn more about the history of the universes
  • Recruit new members while avoiding the Foundation's attention
  • Remain neutral to as many GoIs as possible

Church Members

  • Alison Killian
  • Diana Olivier
  • Sean Glen-Marcas

The Pantheon

The Voru

  • The Voruteut: A general term applied to all of the extrauniversal entities that reside in the Voru, which often attempt to break into the universe.


  • The One of Dark
  • The One of Light

First Hytoth

  • Nohlos
  • Vsi-Mind Erjo
  • Uravol

Second Hytoth

  • Rakmou-leusan/The Holy Fourth: Defender of the Second Hyototh, protecting against the extrauniversal Voruteut. They were formerly a mortal that ascended to godhood with six others, forming the seven members of the Koru-teusa. He is the last of them to exist, and needs continual blood rituals to stay alive.
  • Zeyu-Leusan/The Holy First: One punch god
  • Urkot-Leusan/The Holy Second
  • Eov-leusan/The Holy Third
  • The Holy Fifth: Forgotten.
  • Yorun-leusan/The Holy Sixth: Space god wizard
  • The Holy Seventh: They ceased to be.
  • The God-King of the Stars2
  • Wonlaik the Trickster
  • Saint Alagadda/The Broken Creation/The Hanged King


  • Nohl-av: The eels that Nohlos turned into after his death. (SCP-2742)


  • Kornoct: A spirit that watches over the Eitoth, maintaining the peace within.
  • Okk: A strange beast whose body surrounds the Eitoth. It is highly intelligent and powerful, and will defend the Eitoth for its entire existence. It is debated whether they count as a god or a creature.
  • The Lost: The echoes and cries of those who died yet didn't during the destruction of the First Hytoth.
  • The Unnamed Beast: A monster that ate the First Hytoth. Whether it still exists is heavily debated.
  • The Nameless Creator: The creator of the First and Second Hytoth. Who they are, what they are, and their motivations are unknown.

Mythology/History of the Universes

First Hytoth

  • ????? - First Turmoil begins, gods start fighting a whole lot
  • ??????/Fourth Aeon - Uravol kills the Trillion Followers, Vsi-Mind Erjo, destroys the Empire of the Thought Conglomerate, splinters Nohlos into Nohl-Av, and becomes a free-floating mind. Second Turmoil begins
  • ?????? - First Hytoth is consumed

Second Hytoth

  • ???????? B.C.E. - The Koru-teusa ascend to godhood
  • ???????? B.C.E. - The Uu dies
  • ??????? B.C.E - The Holy First sacrifices himself to stop a massive Voru-teut invasion
  • ?????? B.C.E - The Second and Third kill each other in combat
  • ????? B.C.E - The Fifth goes missing
  • 1???? B.C.E. - Ortothan-Daevic War
  • ??? B.C.E - The Seventh goes missing
  • 2000 A.D. - The Holy Sixth dies



  • The Eitoth: One of many afterlives, the one Church members and some others go to on death. Composed of nine lightyear long pillars that all have spatial shenanigans so they connect to each other (if you go straight down or up you'll eventually end up where you started).
  • The Voreik: The tear in the universe that leads to the Voru. Created by the survivors of the First Hytoth when they tore into it to escape the Voru (when the fabric of this reality was young and malleable).
  • Uu-Arza: A massive complex carved into the corpse of the Uu, containing settlements, bazaars, churches, empires, and more.

On Earth

  • The Jena Ortothan Church: Located in Jena, Germany
  • The Holy Toronto Ortothan Church: Located in Toronto, Canada
  • The Hoboken Ortothan Church: Located in Hoboken, NJ, US

Ortothan Groups

  • The Aalkjad: The species SCP-2651 comes from, which is primarily Ortothan (and the reason the Ortothan religion is on Earth)
  • Ortothag: An ancient kingdom that at some point went to war with the Daevic Empire in the Ortothan-Daevic War and was largely destroyed in the process
  • Korut-Elkhed: A group of Ortothan knights that resorted to violence to achieve their goals, using any anomalies that could aid them. Unknown if they still exist.
  • The Church of the Second Hytoth


  • Ortothan: A term used to describe Church members, along with the name of the Church's language.

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