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The Church of the Second Hytoth


Overview: The Church of the Second Hytoth is an occult organization that practices the Ortothan religion. The central beliefs of the religion are that the current universe (the "Second Hytoth") was preceded by a different universe, which was consumed by an extrauniversal entity. A group of survivors fled to the Second Hytoth, seven of them ascending to godhood to ensure the universe's safety. These seven gods ("Koru-teusa") were active in the early universe, but have all have died except for the fourth ("Rakmou-leusan"). Rakmou-leusan is said to currently guard the universe from extrauniversal invaders ("Voruteut").

The stated goals of the Church are to aid Rakmou-leusan, preserve their life through bloodletting rituals, and to kill any and all Voruteut. The organization is relatively small and pacifistic, though they are active on a global scale. The group mainly speaks the Ortothan Extraterrestrial Language (OEL), which has been anomalously preserved since an unknown point in time. Human Ortothan belief systems are known to have existed by ~11000 BCE, though modern branches have only been developed in the past century.

Although the Church of the Second Hytoth is confined to Earth, the religion exists on interstellar scales in the form of various loosely connected sects. The largest discovered sect is the Terzan 2 Ortothan Coalition, a collection of alien entities inhabiting Globular Cluster Terzan 2, a star cluster orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy. Current information suggests that the Coalition is a loose alliance, possibly militaristic in nature, of civilizations which are at war with a group known as "Twelve Stars."

The only extraterrestrial Ortothan group known to have entered the solar system is Species of Interest 002. Research is limited, as few of their artifacts have survived to the present. SoI-002 is presumed to be extinct.

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