A Brief Memory
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X's anomalous effects are confined within Site-40. Each encounter with SCP-X is to be recorded and stored on file.

Description: SCP-X is the concept of a Junior Researcher Star Villa. Staff members of Site-40 have reported that when thinking about a task they completed throughout the day (typically paperwork or SCP testing) they will remember an African-American man in his mid-twenties assisting them, despite not requesting for help, or having any prior knowledge of SCP-X. Before 08/04/2021, little was known about the nature of SCP-X. No staff members of Site-40 recall the date on which SCP-X's anomalous properties first manifested.

Addendum: SCP-X Information Search

On 07/18/2021, all staff members of Site-40 agreed to ask SCP-X questions regarding its position at the foundation.

Below are a few summaries detailing what events transpired following questioning SCP-X.

Dr. Donovan O' Conner:

I asked him what year he was recruited for the Foundation. He acted all confused, told me 2017, but followed by saying I already knew that. I asked him who his boss is, he asked me if I was joking "just to fuck with him". He refused to answer me after that.

Agent Pearl Valentine:

So when I asked him what his speciality skills were he answered paradoxical and physics anomalies, but then asked me if I knew why everyone is asking him questions. I didn't respond.

Dr. Owen Winters:

He came up to me, actually. Asked me if I had any questions, and to "just get it over with". I asked his name. He told me, but more in a "don't you remember?" way. I shook my head, and he sighed and walked away. I think he muttered something as he walked off, but I didn't hear what.

Dr. Dollie Dickson:

I admitted to him that all of us folks at Site-40 weren't aware of who he was. He asked me if I was being serious, I told him 100%. He walked away and came back about half an hour later and demanded that I tell him what happened to his personnel file. I told him he doesn't have one, and he addressed me by name, asking once again if I was being serious. I confirmed I was, and he walked away, looking defeated.

On 07/25/2021 SCP-X began to ask questions regarding its' relationship with different staff members of Site-40.

Dr. Micheal Villanueva:

So he came up to me and asked me if I remembered what happened on April 4th, 2021. I just recall it being a normal day, and that's what I told him. I also reminded him that no one here knew who he was. He didn't seem to believe me, or at least didn't want to, so he told me something about Owen admitting to having been the one who stole some anomalous tape recorder from site 64 some time ago. I reminded him that it was a D-Class, then he shrugged and told me to watch after Owen.

Dr. Dollie Dickson:

He told me that he and I were dating, and he knew I wouldn't remember, but wanted me to know. I told him that I haven't had a partner in years. I suggested that he stop before he saddens himself, but he asked me if he seemed datable. I hardly knew him, and I hardly knew how to answer that question. I explained this to him gently and told him he seemed like a nice guy. He thanked me for answering, dishearted, and walked off.

Dr. Donovan O' Conner:

He came up to me and asked me who my assistant was. I told him, and he seemed satisfied, yet saddened by the answer. I asked him why he was upset, and he just started yelling at me. He went off about how he was supposed to be my assistant and not Jenna, and if I purposely assigned him to work with dangerous time-warping anomalies, knowing one day it might kill him. I explained that it seemed like he's just getting worked up. He questioned if that was true, and asked me if no one remembering him was my fault. I told him not to my knowledge. He then wished me a happy marriage and walked off.

On 08/04/2019, Researcher Nana Bonilla asked SCP-X what anomalies it had worked with. Researcher Bonilla noted the mention of SCP-9081, which she recalled was destroyed in an incident. SCP-9081 was a machine with the capability to add details and erase one's memory of an event. SCP-9081 was classified as neutralized after The Paradox Incident, in which a subject requested that SCP-9081 erase their memory of them requesting it erase their memory of their request. It is speculated that SCP-9081 could not process this request, and imploded. The subject who made the request is unknown.

Researcher Bonilla explained her findings to SCP-X, who previously believed SCP-9081 was still functioning. This explanation appeared to make SCP-X realise that if the incident truly did take place, then it is likely the reason that no one remembers him.

The following is an excerpt from Researcher Bonilla's first-person explanation of the events which took place:

And after this realization, in what was likely a desperate attempt to jog my memory, he explained his relation to some of the staff members at Site-40. He told me Donovan is his boss, Dollie is his girlfriend, and he's good friends with Micheal, Pearl, and Owen. He also told me some things he wants me to confirm for him, and a few things to tell them. I'm not sure why, as he could just do it when he sees them, but I guess its just desperation. According to Dollie, he already spoke to her and Micheal.

He wants to know if Donovan is still married to Martha because "he deserves to know", and if SCP-9101 was ever discovered "without him".

He wants Dollie to know if she ever finds someone else, then he wishes her the best even if he's slightly jealous, and a few other sappy things he can say to her himself.

Probably the oddest one was with Micheal, Pearl, and Owen. He wonders if they are happier without a fourth wheel. He also asked me to see if Owen confides in Micheal now that he technically doesn't exist. I asked why he wanted to know, and he answered that. "Owen needs someone consistent to confide in".

He asked me if he seemed like a nice and helpful guy to have around. I said yes. He told me he'd ask if anyone missed him, but he knows they can't.

Following this event, encounters with SCP-X have been less frequent, and uneventful.

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