A Monument to All Our Sins

Item #: SCP-091

Object Class: Euclid Embla

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-091 is stored in a subterranean arboretum, with a lighting system mimicking the seasonally appropriate day/night cycle. Scheduled maintenance should take place only during the nocturnal cycle, when SCP-XXXX is determined to be in a state of low activity. Under no circumstances should pollinating species or be permitted in the containment zone.

Soil levels are to be kept at approximately one meter depth and pH levels are to be monitored daily for any irregularities. Provided compost is to be placed in the containment zone at the beginning of each lunar month. Compost is to be inspected before and after delivery by two senior-ranking science officers to ensure safety procedures have been followed and to prevent any further containment issues caused by tampering. Provided compost is to be placed no closer than three meters from SCP-091. Under no circumstances should SCP-091 be touched. In such event, emergency defoliant protocols are to be followed and attending staff and all personal effects are to be immolated.

All male staff in its site facility are to undergo bimonthly medical inspections. Male staff are not to be involved in any capacity that requires direct contact with SCP-XXXX, and are to be rotated on a quarterly basis, remaining in quarantine two weeks before and after assignment.

Compromised staff and all personal effects must be destroyed by complete immolation.

Description: SCP-091 is a Punica granatum pomegranate tree approximately 5 metres in height and estimated to be physicaly 33 years old, despite being recovered in 19XX. It has not grown or aged since entering Foundation custody.

SCP-XXXX's flowers are entirely female, as opposed to non-anomalous specimens which grow both male and female flowers. Male personnel (defined as those possessing XY chromosomes) will universally correctly identify SCP-XXXX as female, even in cases where they would have little to no arboreal knowledge. Male personnel will often anthropomorphize the subject. All male personnel will assess the anomaly as appearing lonely, even without prior communication with one another. This effect appears to carry itself through all means of communication.

From June to late July, SCP-XXXX will enter her its flowering season, producing the typical small red flowers of the pomengrate plant. The scent of these flowers have strong cognitohazardous properties that affect male humans and certain species of pollinators1, changing them into SCP-XXX-1 instances. Insect SCP-XXXX-1 instances appear to act as carriers for the cognitohazard, carrying the scent beyond SCP-XXXX's range.

Human SCP-XXXX-1 instances will gain an anomalous knowledge of SCP-XXXX's locatrion and attempt to reach her it by any means at their disposal, often becoming violent if they are stopped. As their is no known means for a cure, and remains are a bvector for SCP-XXXX-1 transmission, instances must be incinerated.

SCP-XXXX was recovered in a raid on remnants of the Thule Society, whose documents suggested that it had orignally been stolen from the Horizon Initiative in 1943. Soon after its recovery, diplomatic representatives for the Horizon Initiate started to make demands for its return.

Interviewed: Cardinal Jonathan
Interviewer: Researcher Anabelle Nott
Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]
<Begin Log, [optional time info]>
Interviewer: Thank you for coming, Cardinal. Can I get you anything? Coffee, water?
Person: I am fine, thank you. I would rather we discuss the mater at hand.
Nott: Of coursse. As I've mentioned several times before, the Foundation is not going to relinquish custody of SCP-XXXX. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Cardinal: My dear, please and try to understand my situation here. Those insurgents of yours-
Nott: The Chaos Insurgency is a rogue organization that has been disavowed multiple times-
Cardinal: They stole her from us. If a foundation scientist such as yourself were kidnapped, would you think we would hold you indefinitely?
Nott: You are aware that SCP-XXXX is a tree with cognitohazardous and memetic properties, correct?
Cardinal: The bounds of your organization's skeptisim is staggering.
<End Log, [optional time info]>
Closing Statement: [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]

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