A Most Vexxing Parse
Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 1/XXXX
Object Class: Corona1 For Internal Use Only

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation web crawlers must be modified with SCP-XXXX countermeasures as detailed in Document XXXX-SLI. SCP-XXXX countermeasures have been integrated into Foundation standard libraries and tests for SCP-XXXX vulnerability have been integrated into RAISA code-review and testing procedures. A Foundation front company has been established to use legal methods to remove SCP-XXXX-A instances detected during manual review. In the event of non-cooperation with initial legal requests, or where legal methods are inapplicable, please consult Document XXXX-Streisand for further steps.

Currently manual screening of possible SCP-XXXX-A instances is conducted 24/7 by biological D-class personnel at the Site-17 RAISA office. In the event Site-17 suffers a containment breach or is otherwise unavailable, RAISA maintains three backup screening locations on-call at Site-06-3, Site-19 and Site-██. In the event the Foundation must operate at below nominal capacity for an extended period, non-essential Foundation digital assets are to be deactivated in order to reduce resources needed to ensure XXXX-SLI compliance.

All incoming RAISA and Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD) personnel are to be briefed on the existence of SCP-XXXX and the countermeasures required to negate it. Any personnel working with digital SCPs must also be made aware of the existence of SCP-XXXX.

All Artificially Intelligent Conscripts (AICs) must be made aware of SCP-XXXX and its countermeasures, but none may be exposed to SCP-XXXX-A instances outside of testing conditions approved by the AIAD Institutional Review Board. All AICs must go through decontamination procedures and quarantine for a minimum of 12-hours after last exhibiting SCP-XXXX-B symptoms.

All Foundation software utilizing neural nets and all Foundation AICs must be tested every two weeks for exposure to unknown SCP-XXXX-A vectors. RAISA Certification Officials are authorized to require more frequent testing or to establish additional testing requirements on a case-by-case basis. Should an unknown SCP-XXXX-A instance not be stopped by properly implemented XXXX-SLI countermeasures, RAISA Headquarters must be alerted immediately.

Currently, power cycling and/or restoring to backups made prior to exposure of SCP-XXXX-A has been successful in eliminating SCP-XXXX-B symptoms in 100% of cases. In the event that this procedure fails to mitigate the effects of SCP-XXXX, contact RAISA Headquarters immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for the anomalous effect surrounding the non-existent song "It's Not Anomalous" by Tom Jones. The song is identical to the 1965 single released by Jones, "It's Not Unusual" but with all instances of the word "unusual" in the lyrics replaced with the word "anomalous". The effect has manifested from various renditions and representations of the song, known vectors are designated SCP-XXXX-A and a partial list is available in Addendum XXXX-AL01

SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect presents after an SCP-XXXX-A instance is parsed by software, AICs or other digital agents, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-B. SCP-XXXX's effect makes SCP-XXXX-B instances completely unable to recognize the signs of anomalous activity during routine scans. Web crawlers will still download and store examples of anomalous activity if programmed to do so, but will not treat them as anomalous. Research with AICs suggests that sapient SCP-XXXX-B instances are still able to recognize that something is anomalous when asked, but will not identify anomalous activity on their own volition, even when aware that they have been exposed to SCP-XXXX-A and its effects. See Interview Log XXXX-BA17 for further details.

Current research suggests that the amount of SCP-XXXX-A processed required for SCP-XXXX-B symptoms to manifest varies by instance and that not all algorithms2 involving SCP-XXXX-A trigger SCP-XXXX-B symptoms. However, any attempt at parsing or classifying raw content3 will result in SCP-XXXX-B symptoms. The countermeasures outlined in Document XXXX-SLI have been found to prevent exposure to most occurrences of SCP-XXXX-A instances. Foundation web crawlers working exclusively on plain-text have a 100% avoidance rate since the last update to Document XXXX-SLI on ██/██/2017.

Discovery Log: The Foundation first encountered SCP-XXXX when a RAISA web crawler failed to detect an instance of SCP-████, which resulted in a containment breach. In postmortem analysis, RAISA agents discovered an entry for "It's Not Anomalous" on several music lyric sharing websites.

Locating the origin of SCP-XXXX is difficult, as its effects make automated searches for SCP-XXXX-A instances difficult. Interrogations of those responsible for disseminating SCP-XXXX-A instances online have shown that nearly all are unaware of anomalous activity, and disseminated SCP-XXXX by mistake. While an above-average number of members of GOIs were discovered in this way, none had personal knowledge of SCP-XXXX's anomalous abilities.

Addendum XXXX-AL01:

Date First Identified Vector Description Mitigation


First vector identified on lyric sharing website ████████████.com. Post contained full lyrics to SCP-XXXX-A Hash of full SCP-XXXX-A lyrics added to XXXX-SLI rainbow tables.


Chorus of SCP-XXXX-A identified in the music section of online forum ██████████████.com Hashes of each line of SCP-XXXX-A added to XXXX-SLI rainbow tables.


First audio rendition identified on video sharing website ███████.com Text-to-speech technology was incorporated into XXXX-SLI pipeline. Text-to-speech processing must be done on a dedicated system in order to avoid SCP-XXXX-B contamination.


Audio of standup comedy routine "The Salt and Pepper Diner." by John Mulaney but with the words "It's Not Unusual" replaced with "It's Not Anomalous" every time it appears. Audio remained in Mulaney's voice throughout.4 Hash of SCP-XXXX-A added to XXXX-SLI rainbow tables. Further classification methods saw SCP-XXXX-B infection.


SCP-XXXX-A-2113 appeared as an "easter egg" within the indie video game "███████████████████████" SCP-XXXX-A-3125 copies recalled and SCP-XXXX-A-2113 deleted from all copies.
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