A Piece Of Void

<Varaxous> How anomalous would a cage which didn't have anything in it (radiation, light, no particles, its literally nothing) be and why.
<Varaxous> 'A Piece of Void'
<NineVolt> Varaxous: that'd be super anomalous
<CaptainKirby> Varaxous: !SCP-3930 ish?
<jarvis> captainkirby: SCP-3930: The Pattern Screamer (written a month ago by djkaktus; rating: +285) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3930
<NineVolt> eh, not exactly
<Varaxous> That's more like
<Varaxous> Cessation of existence
<NineVolt> That's more informational eldritch void than physics void
<Varaxous> rather than just a little corner where literally nothing exists
<FuelTank> … i thought the pattern screamer was the "milhouse is not a meme" of the foundation
<NineVolt> But yeah a literally empty of space would be super anomalous
<Varaxous> Now the question is
<Varaxous> How could we make that interesting
<NineVolt> Varaxous: I mean if you're a physicist you'll already be intrigued but most of the site isn't physicists so
<CaptainKirby> Varaxous: make it 50% skip 50% physics lesson
<Varaxous> lmao
<NineVolt> Varaxous: Though 2821 proved that weird physics with not much else can get upvotes so
<Varaxous> NineVolt, off of the top of your head, would you know of any threats that could pose to baseline reality?
<Varaxous> Or just anything in general
<Varaxous> Rather than just being a nothing-in-a-box
<NineVolt> Varaxous: I could always pull a CotSH and have it be an extrauniversal threat but I already have a quantum physics skip connected to that
<moklin> scp-2821
<jarvis> moklin: SCP-2821: A Lunar True Vacuum (written a year ago by 9Volt; rating: +78) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2821
<moklin> oh yeah that
<NineVolt> Varaxous: Err, plan for a quantum physics skip
<NineVolt> Hmmm
<moklin> Varaxous: well, nature abhors a vacuum, and if this universe refuses to fill the void, why wouldn't another one try to?
<NineVolt> vacuums are actually pretty common in nature
<moklin> shhh i'm being ominous
<NineVolt> heh
<NineVolt> Varaxous: Maybe it won't be a threat to reality
<Varaxous> Yeah, it doesn't have to be ofc
<NineVolt> Varaxous: Maybe it's the byproduct of something outside of our reality or within it passing through the parts of space we can perceive
<Varaxous> Yes, that could definitely work
<NineVolt> some ancient thing moves around and leaves trails of these behind as it goes
<Varaxous> The slime of an eldritch void sluga
<Varaxous> slug*
<NineVolt> not sure what else that idea would have to it though
<NineVolt> since you can only milk "spooky elder things" for so long
<Varaxous> Mhm
<Varaxous> Definitely interesting enough that I'm going to stick this somewhere and let it ferment

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<NineVolt> yeah it'd be cool

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