A Skull?

Item #: SCP-139

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures:

Further revisions are expected.

Description: SCP-139 is a poorly preserved hominid skull, missing the lower mandible. SCP-139 resembles a typical Homo sapiens specimen, but with smaller eye sockets and a larger, tertiary eye socket atop its cranium. Due to its present condition, SCP-139 has not been definitively matched to any anomalous or non anomalous hominid species on Foundation record.

SCP-139's anomalous features are currently unknown. While a variety of extraordinary events have occurred around it such events have not resulted in a consistent manner that assigned definitive anomalous properties to the object.

These events include:

  • SCP-139's discovery.
  • The death of Site-72 guards Security Jacobson and the injury of Holland and Ivanov.
  • The deaths of D-139-1 through five from long-term testing.
  • The spontaneous unlocking of 26 cells within the wing, SCP-139 included, resulting in a Site-wide containment breach.
  • A magnitude 4.6 earthquake centered on SCP-139's containment chamber.

While other events have occurred that could have possibly been linked to the anomaly, Foundation staff have not found sufficient evidence to include them in this article

All events, save for SCP-139's containment by the Foundation, have had logical catalysts for such events, with specific cases reaching back months or even years before the incident. In the case of the earthquake, Site-72 was found to have been located directly over a preexisting fault line. SCP-139 is currently being investigated for precognitive and/or retrocasual capabilities.

Addendum 139.1: Death and Injuries of Site-72 Security Staff

Upon discovery and subsequent containment, Security Guard Adrian Jacobson was assigned to guard the object in Containment Chamber-342 while containment procedures were being devised and approved by the research team. When Security Guard Hansen stepped in to relieve him at 9:00 P.M, he found that Jacobsen had apparently shot himself.

An examination of Jacobsen's medical records1 revealed that he had been successfully treated for depression 5 years prior. However, his colleagues confided that Jacobsen had recently began divorce proceedings against his husband, following the discovery of an affair lasting the entirety of their marriage which caused a great amount of stress that was exacerbated by his work.

Humanoid Containment Chamber-342 was the only chamber within the site without security cameras installed, as SCP-1359 had been temporarily held at the site pending a permanent transfer to Site-34.

Following the incident, Holland and Ivanov were assigned to stand guard outside SCP-139's new containment chamber, which had been outfitted with security cameras. However, this was suspected to have led to Incident-139-002 on their twelfth day of guard duty.

Audio Transcript


Holland: …But yeah, it's generally not a good idea to get too close to it. That's how you lose fingers. You?

Ivanov: Worst one? Probably the doctor. But as long as you know what you're doing, she's not that bad. This one's probably worse. You hear what it did to Adrian?

Holland: Yeah. Guy couldn't get a break, it seems. Christ. Mind-screwing skips are always a bitch.

Ivanov: How'd they find it again?

Holland: Beats me. We don't get access to that information unless it's needed.

[silence for approximately five minutes.]

Ivanov: Always fun being on detail for shit you know nothing about. Could get your guts torn out at any time. I mean, Iota-10 isn't exactly a picnic, but at least you know the details.

Holland: Transfer didn't get approved?

Ivanov: Nah, failed the written test.

Holland: Ah.

Ivanov: Just frustrating. Why the hell do I need to know why Sherman won the Battle of Fort Donelson? It's not like it'll ever-

Holland: Grant.

Ivanov: What?

Holland: You're thinking of Grant. Sherman only served under him. Probably why you flunked.

Ivanov: Hey, I've always wondered about something, maybe you can help. If you're so smart, why haven't you had a promotion in five years?

Holland: At least i'm not stupider than an eighth grader, dumbass.

Ivanov: You know what, go fuck yourself you piece of-

Holland punches Ivanov, ending the conversation.


Closing notes: Shortly after, guards separated Ivanov and Holland after hearing the commotion. While both have gained minor injuries, they are expected to make a full recovery. Due to the likely factor of SCP-139, disciplinary measures have been omitted.

While both cases have had preexisting factors for their respective incidents (as far as our CK detectors can tell), it is fair to assume 139 has a deleterious effect on the human mind. In the case of Jacobsen, he ended up dead. With two guards, it incited a fight that resulted in only minor injuries. Perhaps its effects can be exhausted. Recommending more testing. -Samantha Reinette


Casualties: 24

Fatalities: 13

Summary: On 1991/12/03, 11 members of GOI-07 entered Site-34 using fake identities that had been assigned level-5 clearance.2 The group proceeded to steal several anomalies, killing witnesses in a slow and methodical manner. Before they could leave the site, the alarm was pulled and a firefight ensued between the insurgents and site security. Three insurgents were killed (with one swallowing a cyanide pill before being detained), but the rest escaped. Tracking and recovery of stolen anomalies has been declared a Level-4 priority.

Stolen or destroyed anomalies: SCP-048; destroyed, SCP-139; stolen, Unregistered Anomaly-B653L (Staff of Hermes); stolen, Unregistered Anomaly-D634E (Viking Hammer); destroyed, twelve instances of SCP-4204; stolen.

Incident Footage:


Researchers can be seen running out of frame.

A small explosion is heard in the background, followed by a much larger one.

Four ORIA insurgents walk into the wing, shooting security guards. Insurgents begin checking each door while consulting a tablet.

An insurgent passes by 139's containment chamber and stop. They motion to the other insurgents, pointing to the tablet and gesturing animatedly at the door. An argument appears to start.

Unidentified insurgent shouts a phrase in Farsi.3
The argument concludes, and C4 charges are set against the door.

Containment is breached for SCP-139. The insurgent emerges from the chamber with SCP-139.

Carrying the skull, the insurgent flees. The remaining ORIA forces take up defensive positions within the corridor, blocking the advance of Foundation security forces.


Given the context of its loss, recovery of SCP-139 and any ORIA information on it is considered a top priority.

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