Abolish The Vote
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Disclaimer: This essay was written in response to the essay Abolish the Upvote, which was written in response to The Value Of The No-Vote, which was written in response to Abolish The No Vote, Downvote Your Friends, and Other Musings.

Alright everyone, you know the drill. It's another essay telling us why certain votes have a negative impact on authors and the community at large, and a call to arms to abolish it, yada yada yada. It's clear that this discussion has brought up some ruckus within the community, with some people arguing for or against particular votes.

But with all this contention about, regarding how votes should be treated, there's one option that we haven't considered: abolishing voting.

Let me explain: whenever my brother and I fought over something, my dad would sometimes take it away. So we should take voting away, so nobody can fight over it. Also, if no one can vote, my articles can't be deleted.

Case closed.

Q&A: There is none because I'm right.

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