Achievements DE
This page lists achievements that can be added to the author's page, provided that the conditions are met. The use of DATEINAME.png recommended.

(Available through the insert-image tool.)

Attention: The icons listed here (apart from the icons on other SCP pages) are only intended for use within this wiki. Permission from Dr OreDr Ore or a DE admin is required for outside use.

Note: For the classification achievements, only the class of the SCP that is currently valid applies. An SCP cannot have several classifications at the same time.

SCPs and stories count as articles, but no attachments for these or help and portal pages.

A successful article counts articles that are good enough not to be deleted after publication.

Young Researcher: Write 5 successful SCP articles.

[UNKNOWN] Write a successful SCP article with a non-standard classification.

Broke Clown: Write a successful Joke SCP.

Flush: Write at least one Safe SCP, one Euclid SCP, and one Keter SCP.

Straight Flush: Write at least one Safe SCP, one Euclid SCP, one Keter SCP, one Joke SCP, and one tale.

Roads? Where we're going we don't need… roads!: Write a successful SCP that influences and/or can travel through time.

We are Number One: Write a successful SCP-001 proposal.

Is that normal?: Write a successful SCP that somehow breaks the standard format.

Apocalypse How: Write a successful SCP that can trigger a K-Class Scenario.

Battle Royale: Write a successful article in which two or more GoIs battle each other.

Double Agent: Write a successful GoI format.

Scribe: Write 5 tales with positive reviews.

So Close!: Take second place in a contest.

At the Frontline: Write an article that featured on the main page.

Teamwork: Write a successful article with one or more people. Collaboration articles do not count towards this achievement.

The Sweet Smell of Fame: Write an article that receives 10 or more net upvotes.

The Absolute Hammer: Write an article that receives 50 or more net upvotes.

A Hit Overseas: Write an SCP with a translation that receives more net upvotes than the original article.

Artist: Exhibit three SCP art pieces on the wiki.

Fully in the Picture: Exhibit ten SCP art pieces on the wiki.

Da Vinci: Exhibit 25 SCP art pieces on the wiki.

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