SCP-Aegis on the $100 bill. It is unknown how this manifested, or why.

Item#: Aegis
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Object #: Aegis

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Aegis is to be contained within a standard office area. Requests are to go directly through the Site Director before approval if they are major. SCP-Aegis is to be tested monthly for any type of serious disease. The subject is to be given requested exercise supplies, along with maintaining a diet of the subject’s choice.

Description: SCP-Aegis is Discord User “ΛΣGIS#7388,” commonly referred to as “god-king” or “lord of all privates.” He possesses incredible strength, along with agility. He is referred to as the “peak-performance human” a nickname given to him by personnel. His anomalous effects manifest when a private “pisses him off.” This begins the process known as “Bunking.” He will ping the private, telling them to go to their bunks. Personnel are reminded to not intervene in this process.

Addendum A.1 (Discovery): SCP-Aegis entered the facility through unknown means, (later stated to be “doing what I do best.”) proclaiming that he was feeling fatigued and needed a place to rest. When this refusal was declined, he promptly killed █ personnel via cervical fracture.1 His demands were met, along with others made after the massacre.

Addendum A.2 (Incident Report): On █/█/20█, SCP-Aegis was used as a host for the Chaos Lord Shacktuss, who had a conversation with a junior researcher, before promptly breaking his neck. He seemingly disappeared, but before he did, he initiated the “Bunking” process. All personnel were branded as privates, being “bunked” by Aegis. This resulted in ███ casualties and a transfer of SCP-Aegis to Site-█.

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