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Looking back, Marie didn't know where she heard of the abandoned circus first, though she could remember the exact time that her fascination with it began. It was July, the final month before her eldest brother would be shipped off to the navy, and he had created the most elaborate plan known to mankind, just so he could break into the circus and explore the entire thing. Every night, before she was tucked in, she'd go into his room, and listen to him ramble over the phone with his friends. He would wave his hands in the air like a mad man as he tried to explain every last detail there was.

and so she picked up her pen and wrote… The letter took hours to write and it took years to gather up the courage to visit them again. Though she finally did, and when she visited she talked for what seemed like years to all of them. She apologized for all she had done and they comforted her, telling her that it was a mistake when tears clung to her eyes. She hushed herself and watch them with unwavering eyes as the sunset behind her. When the visit finally came to an end, she set the letter on her brother's stoney doorstep with a final hushed apology. As she left she turned around to see their doorsteps, for what would probably be the last time, and on them were the words:

Holy Family Graveyard.

Girl commits arson/ accidentally and kills all three boys, she grows up in anguish and writes them a letter and takes it to their grave
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