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"Self-portrait" of SCP-4895(recovered under subject's sleeping quarters following a failed containment breach)

Item #: SCP-4895

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4895 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-4895 is allowed to have access to drawing and writing materials so long as they are compliant with Foundation staff. Following Incident-Ibis all procedures involving SCP-4895 is to be approved by one Level 3 personnel and explained to them prior to tests.

Description: SCP-4895 is a human male with the top half of their head missing, having been replaced by a patch of grassy terrain. Upon the surface is a barn made from popsicle sticks of varying size, a small pond, a small fence made of toothpicks, and SCP-4895-1. SCP-4895-1 is a plastic humanoid figurine lacking facial features; it often wears clothes commonly associated with farming in the 1960s.

A miniature barn sits on this surface, as well as a fence, a small pond, and 2 small organisms hereby referred to as SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2. SCP-4895-1 is a 7cm tall human male lacking facial features, wears suspenders and straw hat, and has been observed carrying a small dining fork at times. SCP-4895-2 is a miniature cow in proportion with SCP-4895-1. Both SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2 have been observed avoiding the edges of SCP-4895. Gravity does not seem to effect SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2, as numerous tests have shown them to be unaffected regardless of SCP-4895's speed and position.

SCP-4895 is self-sustaining, as it nor SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2 do not require food or water to live. If SCP-4895-1 and -2 are removed from SCP-4895 by any means, the previous instances will vanish and reappear atop SCP-4895 within 24 hours. Despite not having ears or eyes, SCP-4895 has no trouble viewing or hearing things.

SCP-4895 is very social, and takes pleasure in speaking with Foundation staff as well as a multitude of other activities including
-Writing Songs/Composing music
-Filming with a camcorder
-Creating statues with plastic building bricks

SCP-4895 shows a considerable amount of passion towards its "creations" and will often resist testing procedures unless Foundation staff look at any works made by SCP-4895. SCP-4895 will show signs of depression and apathy when its creations are ignored.

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