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Revision no. 898
People turning into own worst sin from Jehova witnesses
Intergalactic hide and seek with Botte's void.
Danny De Vito becomes the Queen of England
Critter Profile where someone important is killed and Fae begins editing the document to reflect that.
Maxwellian STD transferred via sexting/

Discovery: On 3/24/19, SCP-4902 was discovered at a family-owned furniture store, Bill's Best, following police reports of several messages spelled out with an alphabetic magnet set suggesting a child's body was hidden within SCP-4902. Review of the security footage showed the magnets moving across SCP-4902. The following day, Foundation agents arrived and amnesticized all persons involved.

SCP-4902 has proven to be able to hear and comprehend speech despite its lack of sensory organs.

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