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Item #: SCP-4295

Object Class: Neutralized


SCP-4295 prior to Incident Log.1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4295 is to be contained within a standard anomalous objects vault. All tests performed on SCP-4295 must be approved by the current project lead.

Description: SCP-4295 is a Bentley Continental GTC model convertible which begins producing human vocalizations when driven at speeds varying speeds. SCP-4295 does not possess sensory organs. At the time of writing, all attempts to communicate with SCP-4295 have resulted in failure.

Interview Log.1:

<Begin Log>

Control: D-1523, can you confirm that you can hear me?

D-1523: Yeah.

Control Good, please start the car.

D-1523: Aight, (SCP-4295's engine starts) what now?

Control: Give us a second to do a final check. (Two minutes pass.) Everything is in place, please drive at approximately 60 kilometers per hour around the track.

D-1523: Okay. (A muffled muttering can be heard, D-1523 appears to not be aware of this.)

(One minute passes.)

Control: Please increase your speed to one-hundred kilometers per hour.

D-1523: Mhm.

(Thirty seconds pass.)

Control: Please increase your speed to one-hundred fifty kilometers per hour.

D-1523: 'Kay. (The muttering can be heard increasing in volume, D-1523 does not comment on the sound.)

(Forty seconds pass.)

Control: Please increase your speed to two-hundred kilometers per hour.

D-1523: Damn, that's a bit fast for this kinda track and car, ain't it?

Control: It can handle it, please increase your speed.

(Soft muttering can be heard in the background, presumed to be SCP-4295)

D-1523: Fuckin hell, you seeing this?

Control: Could you explain what you are seeing?

D-1523: You fuckin serious? The damn stering wheel is movin on its own?!

Control: Please attempt to keep it under control.

D-1523: The fuckin shit am I supposed to do? Wave a mag- (Acceleration can be heard from SCP-4295.) What the fuck!? (Further muttering sounds can be heard coming from SCP-4295.) The fuck are you sayin' Doc?

Control: We haven't said anything.

D-1523: Then what was that voice?

Control: We will review the recordings later and you can requ-

D-1523: Damnit! (More acceleration can be heard from SCP-4295 followed by more muttering.)

Control: D-1523, please bring SCP-4295 to a stop.

D-1523: Gladly… The hell, this shit ain't slowin' down.

Control: Okay, please standby while we figure something out.

D-1523: Fuck tha-

(Tires can be heard screeching as D-1523 braked and turned causing SCP-4295 to be flipped over.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Examinations of the remains reveal that D-1523 had died in the crash. Tests performed on SCP-4295's remains have confirmed that it has not retained its anomalous properties. Later reviews of the recordings have revealed the unidentifiable phrase to be a child’s voice repeating the phrase, "vroom, vroom."

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