From the bird’s eye view, up so high

You’ll stand tall and’ll never die

You will grow your wings and fuckin fly

Just like all of the greats and I

I’ve grown my damn wings and flown

While all those slackers cry and moan

‘Bout how their wings won’t ever grow

But Truth be told I’ve broken bones

And I’ve let my heart rust out

Just to get these damn things to sprout

All those ants watch me fly about

All while I gain this rapper clout.

8:00 AM




what up

not much

ive just been thinking about pinto a lot


im sorry

she was a good dog


the pictures of her were pretty cute

i remember that photo of you and her sledding,

she lept out of the sled and covered in snow


it was bad

she smelled like wet dog

and got water all over the floors

but yet you still let her sleep in your bed that night

she would’ve borked all night if I didnt

man she was a yappy dog

a *good yappy dog


i loved her

i wish she was still here

im sorry

its not your fault

it was mine

only if i has waited a week she would still be here with me

she would bark and run around

i couldve been able to save up the money to get her that surgery

you did the right thing

shes in the right place

they couldve removed the cancerous cells

she could still be here

she wouldve died before then

vets said we had a month but i let her die that day

she would still be here she wouldnt have died


don’t you remember this



she died a week before this crazy shit happened


everyone else got lucky

i mean

its better than her suffering

Read 8:30

9:25 AM

Ari u still there

Yeah, sorry.

I was making food.

whatcha makin


sounds good

They really are.

It’s a family recipe.

is it a super secret family recipe

No, Nic you dink.

I can teach you if you wanna know it

sure is there any catch to this

bring coffee?

lol sure

also Ari


want me to bring my cat

I like that idea

just promise me that she wont scratch me again

of course Ari

9:49 AM

In front of Nic stood a house, cold and hollow. A layer of dirt of dust blocked the little light within the widows. Debris scattered across the porch and the stench of rot rose from the garden.

His hand lifted up the knocker before letting slamming onto the oak door. Yowls arose from within Nic’s jacket and outshot a small fluffy head. Out climbed out the cat onto his shoulders while he let the knocker drop once again. A light flashed on in one of the lower floors rooms before more began to appear. Footsteps approached the door and a series of clicks played.

Out swung the door and the light from inside escaped onto the porch.

“Nic!” Arms wrapped around Nic and squeezed tightly before a volley of yowls launched out of Tiger.

“Awwww poor Tiger. Has your owner forgotten to pet you?”

“Psh no, he’s just an ass who can never have enough,”

“Aww you poor wittle guy, is your owner an asshole who doesn’t give you enough pets?” Inside her arms, Tiger curled up letting out a mighty purr.

“Oh, of course, he likes you,”

Ari’s giggles filled the porch before guiding Nic inside. Inside the house lurked the scent of rot and death. Floorboards creaked and dirt was spread all about. Books, that at one point lined the shelves in alphabetical order, were now strewn across the room with pages dog-eared pages and ripped pages.

At last, they entered the kitchen where pancakes lates on plates already made.

“Thought you said you teach me?” Nic questioned

“You were too late so I made em myself,” she replied. It was only ten minutes…maybe she just needed something to do.

“Oh, maybe later could you teach me?”


Halfway through the pancake feast,


8:33 AM

The door slid open slowly mocking the little strength Ari had left. Hollowness flowed within her body and into the tips of her fingers leaving everything cold. She stumbled forward off of the steps and into the grass. A deep breath in then out as her body jerked toward the shed in a puppet like fashion. The door opened with little resistance and the shovel fell off of its hook with a clank. It settled on her shoulder with almost no weight.

Step by step. She moved out of the shed.

Step by step. She moved across the yard

Step by step. She approached a patch of young grass.

A Pause.

The shovel swang off her shoulder and into the ground, impaling it with a single strike. The dirt flew and onto the flower patch. Soon enough the yard was covered in brown and grey. The shovel fell from her hands and kneeled down before stretching out them and stroking Pinto’s still soft patch of fur. Pinto’s head moved up and her socket met her owner's eye. She wanted to be with Ari… and Ari wished to be with her. Hands reached down and picked Pinto up. Black sludge poured from the grave as Ari brought her close. Snapping and sloshing filled their ears as the body slowly slipped away from the little, fluffy face. The corners of Aris' mouth stretched upright and coos left her lips,

“You’re a good dog. Yes, you are.” Pinto’s head tilted back and diamond-like eyes watched Ari with joy.

Black liquid splattered across the hole and a headless body lay still. Ari watched her dog with pride and joy before taking her inside. There she laid dog onto her bed; in Pinto’s favorite sleeping spot so she could get some rest after having played outside this entire time.

Ari watch her dog with adoring eyes when her stomach began to growl. Time for breakfast.

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