Mammoth (Remake) [Archive]
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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-XXXX upon its discovery by MTF █████ ████-█.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept inside a 20x20x13 meters containment cell with a temperature of -23°C. Everyday SCP-XXXX is to be fed with 300 kg of plant food and mainly grasses. Its chamber has to be cleaned every week by two personnel. Any change in SCP-XXXX behavior should be reported to the site's administrator.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a creature strongly resembling a Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). Its size is approximately 6.7 meters in height and 15 tones weight. SCP-XXXX maintains a thick layer of a brown and grey coat, four tusks with approximately 4 and 3 meters each one and a trunk which is 2 meters in length.
During several tests, SCP-XXXX has demonstrated high intelligence, accuracy, and speed on resolving memory tests. The entity's IQ is specified to be 175. SCP-XXXX can detect what the foundation personnel says to him via paintings and sign language (See Addendum XXXX.2). The creature has shown a very smooth and convincing behavior towards the foundation staff.

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery
SCP-XXXX was discovered in █/██/2010 in Western Siberia by the reports of residents of a giant elephant walking on the streets. The residents were given a Class A & B Amnestics. MTF squad ████ ███-█ was assigned to investigate the area. SCP-XXXX attacked the MTF team, immediately after its discovery. The MTF squad was able to neutralize SCP-XXXX and sent it to Site-159, 15 kilometers near its discovery location.
After waking up in a temporal containment cell, SCP-XXXX attacked the foundation's staff and tried to breach the containment by breaking the wall. SCP-XXXX was managed to avoid the neutralization from the security staff. The entity managed to breach the containment and run on the hallways breaking every object coming on its path. SCP-XXXX MTF █████ ████-█ neutraliz

Addendum XXXX.2: Intelligence tests

Memory Tests

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Test: Number from 1 to 9 will be randomly placed on the touchscreen. After 10 seconds the numbers will hide and the subject have to touch other numbers in ascending order.
Results: SCP-XXXX had to try the test 6 times before completening it. In the next tests, it has completed them 10 times in less than 40 seconds with 100% accuracy.

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Type: Memory test

Drawing Tests

SCP-XXXX had to watch the tutorials from the staff before starting the tests.

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Test: The subject will draw basic geometric figures.1
Results: The subject drew the figures with high accuracy.

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Test: The subject will draw the shape of a human.
Results: SCP-XXXX drew the figure including some facial features2 with high accuracy.

Subject: SCP-XXXX

Understanding the sign language

Addendum XXXX.3: Interview Log

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