Keeping it all Inside
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Anomaly Surveillance Log

Subject: SCP-2719

Date: 20██/██/██

Event Log:

Pointer Outcome
todo: figure out how to enhance pathos at the beginning
Cake Was inside.
Cake box Became inside.
Cake Outside.
Mess Became inside.
Customer Became inside.
Invective Outside.
Manager's Office Went inside.
Employment Outside.
Car Went inside.
House Went inside.
Living room Went inside.
Stress Was inside.
Conversation Outside.
Conversation Outside.
Conversation Went inside.
Tears Became inside.
Embrace Went inside.
Dining room Went inside.
Meal Went inside.
Conversation Went inside.
Bedroom Went inside.
Cuddle Went inside.
Dreams Became inside.
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