Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Item #: SCP-9166

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: All urniture and objects in SCP-9166's containment cell are to be bolted to the ground or locked within place. SCP-9166 is to be

Description: SCP-9166 is a Caucasian male identified as Alto Clef, a former operative for the Global Occult Coalition. SCP-9166 was instrumental in the capture and execution of over 97 Type Greens for the organization until its containment.

Any attempts to capture SCP-9166's face through technology will fail. Lesser quality cameras will fail to develop, while digital cameras and higher quality film cameras will portray SCP-9166 with a variable animal or animal's head in place, typically those of domestic cats and dogs, spiders, goats, or snakes.

SCP-9166 appears to be immune to all anomalies that create or manipulate sexual desire. When asked on the source of this anomaly, SCP-9166 replied with various expletive-ladened answers.

Confirmation of further anomalous features is pending, due to the subject's unwillingness to comply with Foundation testing.

Beyond its anomalous abilities, SCP-9166 frequently attempts to escape Foundation custody through use of its GOC training. SCP-9166 has made over 78 seperate escape attempts, with 54 of them succeeding before recapture.

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