Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Item #: SCP-9166

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: All furniture and objects in SCP-9166's containment cell are to be bolted to the ground or locked within place. SCP-9166 is to be

Description: SCP-9166 is a Caucasian male identified as Agent Ukulele, a former operative for the Global Occult Coalition. SCP-9166 was instrumental in the capture and execution of over 97 Type Greens for the organization until its containment.

Any attempts to capture SCP-9166's face through technology will fail. Lesser quality cameras will fail to develop, while digital cameras and higher quality film cameras will portray SCP-9166 with a variable animal or animal's head in place, typically those of domestic cats and dogs, spiders, goats, or snakes.

SCP-9166 appears to be immune to all anomalies that create or manipulate sexual desire. When asked on the source of this anomaly, SCP-9166 replied with various expletive-ladened answers, none of which had any factual basis in reality.

Confirmation of further anomalous features is pending, due to the subject's unwillingness to comply with Foundation testing.

Beyond its anomalous abilities, SCP-9166 frequently attempts to escape Foundation custody through use of its GOC training. SCP-9166 has made over 78 separate escape attempts, with 54 of them succeeding momentarily before recapture.

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