An Everyday Guy
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April 12, 2023. Five years since Korea. The world had mostly accepted its new reality a year or two after the incident, but every once in a while something new happened that made everyone ask a new question they never knew could be asked.

This was not one of those days.

Nathan Priore woke up at 0612 hours. He got out of bed at 0625. Breakfast was ready by 0637, and he was out for his daily jog before 0700.

At 0730, he returned to his apartment. After showering and getting dressed, he left once again in order to head to work.

Nathan Priore was what the authorities called Level 1 Type Yellow - a latent psychic. He possessed telekinetic abilities, but he did not possess control over these abilities. They occasionally manifested in moments of strong emotion, fear, or desperation, but he could not harness them. He was not required to wear restraints, nor a tracker, nor a reality anchor.

As Nathan walked from his apartment block to his work, he saw the usual sights, some new to the world in the past 5 years and some old. The sellers at the fruit market advertising their produce. A Fifthist priest calling for converts as a Mekhanite priest did the same on the other side of the street.

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