The GAW in general is like "Alright you fuckin stinky bitches, here's a regular TOOTHBRUSH except only people who we designate as "not cringe" can talk about it and exchange information about it and shit, and it's not an "antimemetic" or whatever the fuck yall call it so there's no use. Oh, what's that, you're asking us to voice the file for yall? I dunno, you guys aren't exactly that good people… Oh, you'll give us like 500 dollars to do it? well fine if you insist, but we'll have to do it on our main discord server where shitty memes get posted to no-mic every second and we take our sweet ass time describing the anomaly, because fuck you that's why."

dolphin - lesbian_gengar

awoo - kkrule (fortnite noises in background)

brew - harmpit (occasionally plays straight static for like 1.5 seconds)

veied - dunmaglass (tells the group to get back on track when they stop talking about the SCP because "they aren't getting paid to talk about [blank]." gives up the third time and goes afk to go get some food near the end.)

henzoid - kektagon (dislikes seriousness, keeps disrupting the chat by posting weird shit from reddit into no-mic)

hawkguy - pressatoawoo (furry)

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