Aphrodia's Ideas? Oh God No... It's worse than Jack Bright

Doing an idea dump here.

Idea 1: [DATA EXPUNGED] Dr Stone? Also it's a glorified banana.
Idea 2: [DATA EXPUNGED] It's an overused idea, but a higher risk of dying of old age.
Idea 3: [DATA EXPUNGED] Legends of awesomeness. Just stop.
Idea 4: [DATA EXPUNGED] You ripped this off a movie title? And it is creepier than that.
Idea 5: [DATA EXPUNGED] It's just a timberwolf. Literally.

I just came back. Shoot.

I'll post real ideas soon. Look at the first version to see the joke fully.

Then compare versions 0 and 1. Then compare versions of 0 and 2.

I planned this… Nope, but it went better than my initial joke.

What happens with comparing 0 and 3? Find out.
Idea 5: A wolf made of pines.

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