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My hub page.

Page Name Project URL
Miranda's Story Ch 1-7
What I am thinking Kontainer Textual Experimenting
Sandbox-3 Pre-Kontainer Drafts of Mine
Sandbox-J A joke in editing
Not for mainsite yet Drafts
A sentient talking clay Clay snake
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???

I want to do collabs, but if it's just a "I'm not doing this part, so do it for me", it's fine.
I'll post my collabs here.

Collab Name Collab URL Collab Partner
The site I wanted to see Times That Djkaktus Killed Dr Bright Djkaktus
Yeet? Must be Upvoting Djkaktus Kommunity Page Everyone on site
??? ??? ???
The sites I manage
Site Name Site URL
Site 259 http://repair-scp.wikidot.com/

Ideas to use

  • A mansion where people can only enter via an algorithm.
  • A barstool that demands a blood sacrifice and cannot move.
  • A ritual that weakens an anomalous soldier and causes a sword to appear.
  • A foundation agent who only appears during a full moon.
  • A dado who can travel between dimensions and sings.


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