Aphrodia's SCP Drafts

I'm scared about using Tabview to organize my ideas coherently. I hope tabs mean keeping a record on something. Because I hate scrolling down.

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[[tab Overview]]
(1) These SCP's are not for the taking, unless a SCP of these are made already. If so, then please use this as a coincidentally created alternate writing for the SCP(s).

(2) I am trying to create them for the sake of entertaining myself. If you want to publish it, put Dr. Miranda Bretigivnar as the researcher who filed and classified the SCP(s). She is not my equivalent in-universe character, but she is my character I created as it is the same as referring me as the person who made the idea. For anything related to (1), message me.

(3) I am not publishing these myself in the mainsite or putting it in the brainstorming forum. I had stated it already. These are for entertainment purposes to myself and viewers.

[[tab "Virtual Projector" SCP]]

Item#: XXXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Object Class: Safe/Thaumeil Euclid/Thaumeil/Explained/Embla

Special Containment Procedures: Use of console commands through "Virtual Projector" to delete or "nerf" object.

Projects physical objects and entities from any virtual interface. (Limited to video games and simulations.) Such objects and entities behave as intended, yet the composition of some of them are unknown since there is no real life equivalent to a 3D computer model. Each projection lasts forever if the duration is not given, and each projection is classified as XXXXX-2. Projecting does not remove the object from its virtual space.

Containment of "projection" can be done by real world methods if the method of the virtual containment can be simulated in real life. However in most cases, using "Virtual Projector"'s projections are more useful than some real life methods, unless "projection" is meant to be impossible to destroy or destructive to surroundings. In those cases (or all cases), using commands to undo or delete a projection is the solution for containment.

Entry 1: Produced 99 Masterballs. Pokémon do not exist yet. Items are useless until a proper containment requires them. Producing Pokémon is requested.

Entry 2: Produced a full set of Titanium Plating Mk.V Quantum X-01 Power Armor. User insisted to add the following before projection: VATS Matrix Overlay (head), Jet Pack (torso), Hydraulic Bracers (arms), Calibrated Shocks (legs). Note: spare Fusion Cores and Pip-Boy were excluded, making the suit more or less useless. Production of Fusion Cores, a Pip-Boy, and a Power Armor Station were issued.

Entry 3: [DATA EXPUNGED] "Projection" killed 2 personnel before it was nerfed into a crepuscular koala with a console command using "Virtual Projector". Producing any living entity now has to be researched and to be approved before considering a projection. Producing anything from "Virtual Projector" requires research and to be approved before projection.

Addendum 1: Any instance of a projected SCP from "Virtual Projector" is labeled as V-SCP-XXXXX and not XXXXX-2

Addendum 2: All projections are modified photons posing as the intended materials as a solid/liquid/gas hologram. Abuse of "Virtual Projector" is wasting electricity and containment time. A low calorie McDonald's Triple Bacon Cheeseburger was okay, but projecting a paper clip is a waste of electricity.

Addendum 3: Projection of containment items and Foundation equipment are to be monitored in the process.

Addendum 4: Producing Pokémon was under review but is denied after the crepuscular koala incident. The usage of "Virtual Projector" will be used constantly to maintain them as we cannot just feed them apples and modern medicine. Also Nintendo would sue us. Same with Power Armor maintenance. Bethseda would sue us. In fact, we cannot legally produce any copyrighted items for gain, so we denied a lot of requests, even though we won't get caught by the companies… We want to make those things too.

[[tab "SCP Simulator" SCP]]

Item#: XXXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Object Class: Thaumeil Euclid or Keter when introduced to certain SCPs

Special Containment Procedures: Class-C Amnestic to user and observers, redaction of sensitive or dangerous information.

A game that simulates interactions between and with every classified or to be classified SCP, and has a first person shooter interface while exploring the facility. If it was made by someone, only the SCP Foundation International Overseer could make it. The game itself does not create any real containment breaches unless specific contents are shown to specific SCPs. It updates frequently with every new SCP we ever will/have/had classified, fixes and creates bugs within itself, and adds functionality such as new graphics or items. The game's documentation:

Last update on:

Created by ███████████ . SCP Simulator Website ███████████
Email me at ████████████████@█████████████████.████

The author listed does not exist in any records, as the listed email address and website are invalid. This is either a major breach in security or a way to simulate our facility without any casualties to our staff, facilities and SCPs. However if we do not successfully classify them, the game does not classify them either. Creating a fake file puts it in as a "fan request", as done in experiment ██████████. Terminating our files does not do anything to the game, as even neutralized SCPs are there, including multiple versions of each number following with classifications from our international facilities. There are even SCPs from the future such as SCP-████ from ██/██/█████. Any information that has been marked out is still marked out, as every document exists. No, it does not contain Dr Jack Bright. It does contain Dr Jack Bright… Every. Little. Detail… Even the guinea pig.

Some content has yet to exist in our database, as any recorded SCPs from future timelines are to be expunged from the recordings, following with the user and any observers to be given a Class-C Amnestic. Any containment breaches and classifications listed for our unclassified recent SCPs create a paradox, as it gets listed in our records as a simulation was used to classify the SCP. After incident ███████████ we do not use the simulation to classify any SCP.

There is a database of our database listed there. The website source does not exist. There is no SCP-Wiki.

[[tab Virtual versus Reality]]

Experiment using "SCP Simulator" and the "Virtual Projector".


Entry 1: SCP-336 and V-SCP-336 are enjoying each other's presence, but conversation does not last as both versions of SCP-336 are of the same person.

Entry 2: Incident 1: A creation of Jack Bright was made. V-SCP-963-1 was deleted via console command shortly after. Dr. Bright is now not allowed to use "Virtual Projector" and "SCP Simulator" to create a copy of himself to see how accurate "he" is. You have proven it in both "SCP Simulator" and in reality. We are going to list it here as proof so you will not do it again.

Entry 3: A paradox is created as "Virtual Projector" and the game itself are in the "SCP Simulator". A minigame was created with an infinite version of the game within itself, creating itself inside itself. Experiment is terminated as well as the computer testing it. The "SCP Simulator" disc however, is undamaged from the flaming computer carcass.

Entry 4: A second paradox is created as each sentient and/or alive/alive-like SCP does not terminate the copy, and the experiment can be done withing the game itself.

Final Entry: All experiments are terminated between "SCP Simulator" and "Virtual Projector". Yet a minigame got added to "SCP Simulator" that continues the tests.


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