Arcadia Outline
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Snippets from chat

I definitely want an anomalous Atari game aspect

if possible tying in the lore of the group would be neat as well

maybe a game launch that exists in perpetual limbo

because the designer is still working in development hell

do they just keep making ads for it? like just constantly making ads but never giving a concrete release date?

I'm thinking that it got to launch day but the designer wasn't done, panicked, and instituted the temporal warp
so like the people who were waiting in line are in Different Time

they're still outside the store in ragged tents with wizened hairy moles

 so he keeps going back in time to work on the game

it's the same day for them

I like that maybe continually borrowing time because the game keeps breaking down on account of him using the occult programming language from 5032

stealing time from the future

Anyways Mew-ltiverse do you think the focus of the scp would be better on the programmer or the people waiting for the game

Mewlti-Verse hmmm, I think the programmer
that has a lot of good narrative potential

Agreed, and easier for the audience to identify/empathize with one person too


Formatting can be fixed up to liking

Item #: SCP-AAAA

Object Class: Safe/Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Major online gaming news outlets have had any references to SCP-AAAA's release date removed or listed as indefinitely delayed. Marketing materials created by potential publishers and fans looking forward to the game have been made inaccessible using commercial web search engines.

Individuals associated with SCP-AAAA….

Disinformation campaign about the game release possibly? People are eating for the release so maybe the foundation ensures that the public that aren’t caught in the loop are aware the game isn’t coming out

Description: SCP-AAAA is a temporal loop associated with the unreleased "Silverfish" video game, which has been in development for various consoles and computational devices since 1976. Promotional material for the game has described it as belonging to various different genres over time but has consistently promised the title to be "pushing the envelope of what a game can be".

The Silverfish game is not believed in itself to have any anomalous properties.

Individuals who were waiting for the game to release during its originally scheduled launch period have been trapped within SCP-AAAA since September 18th, 1976. While not visible through the perceptible light spectrum or tangible in normal spacetime, chronographic analysis shows that these persons have been aging normally since the launch date, albeit without the ability to perish due to old age.

Body hair has grown unabated, with muscles and bones becoming atrophied to the point that attempting to remove them from SCP-AAAA would likely lead to their instant disintegration.

SCP-AAAA-B is the developer of Silverfish, █████ █████, has been perpetuating SCP-AAAA since September 18, 1976.

Discovery: talk about the game release that was expected and how people were eating for what appeared to be years and years

Addendum 1: obscure game magazine interview where he clearly has no idea what he's doing —I'll do this — Mew

Addendum 2: interview with someone waiting for the game —I'll do this — Mew

Addendum 3: Actually being able to play the game and trying to convince the dev that it's ready to go before he stops trusting them and they get trapped eternally playing the game as he continues to work on it because he needs "alpha testers"

We can possibly have some excerpts of something from the developer's pov??

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