Secure Facility Dossier: Area-12
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Illinois Biological Research Area-12

Site Identification Code: HNCNIUS-Area-12

General Information


Aerial view of one portion of Area-12

Founded: 21 February 1921

Founding Director: Dr. Chorus G. Molcole

Location: Hancock County, Illinois, United States

Cover Story: United States Military Facilities that are infected with nuclear disposal.

Site Function: Research, Containment.

Size: Surface Area of 62.14 km2

Offices and Wings:

  Main Offices: Administrative, Classification Committee

  A Wing: Staff Dormitories, Living Quarters

  B Wing: Medical Wing

  C Wing: Safe-Class Containment

  D Wing: Low-level Research

  E Wing: Euclid-Class Containment Wing

  F Wing (Subterranean): Keter-Class Containment Wing

  G Wing (Subterranean): D-Class Dormitories

  H Wing (Subterranean): Unspecified

  I Wing (Subterranean): Storage Wing

  J Wing (Subterranean): Euclid-Class Containment Wing

  K Wing (Subterranean): Maximum-Security Research

SCPs Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Area-12

SCP Number Object Class
SCP-002 Euclid
SCP-007 Euclid
SCP-010 Safe
SCP-016 Keter
SCP-017 Keter
SCP-020 Keter
SCP-021 Safe
SCP-040 Euclid
SCP-041 Safe
SCP-053 Euclid
SCP-054 Safe
SCP-143 Euclid
SCP-153 Euclid
SCP-171 Euclid
SCP-181 Safe
SCP-202 Safe
SCP-214 Euclid
SCP-592 Euclid
SCP-811 Euclid
SCP-840 Euclid
SCP-939 Keter
SCP-1103 Safe
SCP-1105 Safe
SCP-1791 Euclid
SCP-2029 Euclid
SCP-2280 Euclid
SCP-2282 Neutralized
SCP-2576 Euclid
SCP-2633 Euclid
SCP-2829 Euclid
SCP-2895 Euclid
SCP-3003 Keter
SCP-3032 Keter
SCP-3168 Safe
SCP-3934 Safe

Staffing Information


Senior Administrator, Prof. Seymour Neptune greeting new Security Personnel

Area Director: Senior Administrator, Prof. Seymour Neptune

Asst. Area Director: Dr. Frederick Constantine

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Dr. Aaron T. Morgan

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: General Jacob George Williams

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Epiphany Trebuchet

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Prof. Kain Pathos Crow

Cheif Medical Officer: Dr. Samuel V. Otoulgose

Ethics Committee Liaison: Dr. Issac M. Jaylos

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 4

    Staff Doctors: 67

    Staff Researchers: 142

    Administrative Personnel: 16

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 116

    Security Personnel: 871

    D-Class: 634

    Other Personnel: 32

Facilities and Wings


A specimen of SCP-939 being transferred to a different portion of Area-12

  • Containment Facilities: Where SCPs are Contained often equipped with a H.V.A.C. System if required, doors that require certain Security Clearance to unlock to host a test towards the SCP in question. Each SCP has their own different containment style fit for that specific SCP. The Containment Facilities are currently the largest Facilities located inside and underneath Area-12.
  • Office Facilities: Where functioning Foundation Staff and Personnel commit to their Research, Documents, and quarters for high ranking executives in the Facility.
  • Living Facilities: Where functioning Foundation Staff and Personnel are to rest or sleep. After many Containment Tests or observations, Personnel often report to the Living Facilities to rest. Each Personnel receives their own room inside the Living-Facilities which often contain a bed, a small office desk, a lamp, and 6 sets of drawers to fit objects that have Foundation or Non-Foundation use to the Personnel in question. The Living Facilities also house the Mess Halls.
  • Medical Facilities: Where injured or ill Foundation Personnel report to be potentially cured from their pain or disease. There are to be Medical Researchers equipped inside the Medical Facilities that are often seen around Security Personnel to protect other Personnel from the potential of an ill personnel that becomes hostile. Protocol suggests that the Medical Facilities be adjacent to the Containment Facilities and Living Facilities for almost immediate response to an injured or ill Personnel.

One portion of the Area-12 Storage Facilities

  • Storage Facilities: Where functioning and or non-functioning SCP-Foundation material is contained and stored for active and inactive use. The Storage Facilities are to be equipped with Security Personnel and one (1) administrative personnel intending to be active as a supervisor.
  • Research Facility: Where all the data from an experiment in the Containment and Medical Facilities transfer to for research on the anomaly or Personnel. The Research Facility is to be equipped with SCP Researchers, Medical Researchers, Administrative Personnel, and Security Personnel to secure the perimeter of the inside and outside of the Research Facility.
  • Mess Hall: Where Personnel report at from the time 1400 to 1500. There are multiple Mess Halls located in the Living Facility. Personnel are permitted to communicate and sustain life by eating foods that are kindly provided by the Foundation. Once the Mas Hall period ends, personnel are to report back to their stations prior to the mess hall.
  • Security Practice Wing: Where Security Personnel practice on their aim ability and where Security Personnel are to be trained by Agent Henry Tunkstene and General Jacob Williams. Recent Security Personnel are required to report the Security Practice Wing to be trained for a Containment-Breach. Security Personnel can also enter the Security Practice Wing at their own will.

Surface Level of the Director's Complex

  • D-Class Housing Facility: Where D-Class Personnel are to rest after experimentation with certain SCPs. The D-Class Housing Facility is located approximately one (1) kilometer below the Security Practice Wing. A maximum of fifteen (15) D-Class Personnel are permitted to rest in the same room. Near the entrance of the D-Class Housing Facility, D-Class Personnel are to receive amnestics every thirty (30) to thirty-one (31) days to be released.
  • Director's Complex: The Director's Complex is a large complex that was designed as the Facility-Director's living quarters. After the Facility-Director is eager to relax and move away from the Containment or Research Facilities, the Director often reports to the Director's Complex. The Director's Complex multiple beds and floors, multiple large office desks, and a phone with a direct line to O5-█. Approximately one (1) kilometer below the first (1st) floor of the Director's Complex, there is a Security Bunker designed to protect the Facility-Director and other high ranking Foundation executives. The Director's Complex is restricted to Level 4 Personnel, and any unauthorized personnel accessing the Director's Complex will be met with disciplinary actions, potentially leading to termination.

History of Area-12 Directors

Name Years Served Assistant Area-Director
Dr. Chorus G. Molcole 1921-1929 Dr. Diego L. Flores
Dr. Diego L. Flores 1929-1938 (Senior-Administrator), Brian Hugo
Senior-Administrator, Brian Hugo 1938-1941 Prof. David Kyleson
Dr. Vincent von Redgrave 1941-1958 (Senior-Administrator), Roger B. Stylus
Senior-Administrator, Carlos Wager Manvanton 1958-1962 Dr. Nicholas J. Morgan
Dr. Maggie H. Flores 1962-1973 Dr. Zina Williams
Dr. Zina Williams 1973-1975 Dr. Albert U. Yahntawan
Dr. Michael S. Lanksar 1975-1980 Dr. Julian Hormang
Senior-Administrator, Julia H. Rodgerson 1980-1986 Dr. Chang M. Fusu
Dr. Chang M. Fusu 1986-1990 (Senior-Administrator), Samuel Hugo Winston
Dr. Xavier Johnson 1990-1990 Dr. Eugene Vlad
Dr. Addison Wilkinson 1990-2020 Do. Luke H. Gorges
Senior-Administrator, Prof. Seymour Neptune 2020-[Current Day] Dr. Frederick Constance

Additional Information / Incidents


A photograph of Dr. Chorus G. Molcole shortly after the completion of Area-12

Area-12 is the largest SCP-Foundation Area Facility that is currently under active operation and Area-12 contains primarily Euclid Class SCPs. Area-12 has had the most Facility-Directors since its creation to its current state. Area-12 contains the 2nd largest operating mess-hall in any SCP-Facility and Area-12 also has the smallest Storage-Facilities on record.

Shortly after the Foundation built Area-12 and Dr. Chorus G. Molcole was selected to be the Area-Director, Dr. Molcole attempted to convince the O5-Command to let D-Class Personnel after a 30 day period, D-Class Personnel should receive amnestics instead of Neutralizing the D-Class. The Foundation rejected Dr. Molcole's suggestion until █/█/1947, the O5-Command decided that human-resources are too valuable and made it Foundation Protocol that at the end of every month, all D-Class are to receive amnestics and then released from the Foundation.

In ██/██/2020, there was a large snowstorm and the major change in weather caused a massive containment breach which included of SCP-153, SCP-171, SCP-811, multiple specimens of SCP-939, SCP-1105, SCP-2280, SCP-2576, and SCP-2895 that was contained via MTF Lambda-12 ("Pest Control"), MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"), MTF Alpha-9 ("Last Hope"), MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down"), MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters"), and MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil"). During the Containment Breach, there was a power storage due to powerful snow entering the generators, hence many specimens of SCP-939 managed to locate and brutally devour many Foundation Personnel including Dr. Agatha Rights.


General Jacob Williams (left) and Dr. Frederick Constance (right) preparing to test new containment equipment for SCP-939's Portable Containment Chambers

The current Facility-Director of Area-12, Senior-Administrator, Prof. Seymour Neptune is one of the few Facility-Directors who greets every newcomer to Area-12. Senior-Administrator, Prof. Neptune assisted General Jacob George Williams, Dr. Frederick Constance, and Dr. Raven D. Karren in constructing the portable containment chambers for SCP-939 to transfer SCP-939 throughout the Facilities more efficiently.

Dr. Charles Q. Winston was selected to become the governor of Illinois in order to more efficiently protect SCP Documents and Area-12. Dr. Winston is a frequent visitor of Area-12 and other Foundation Facilities. The Foundation assigned Dr. Winston to take the false identity of "Jay Robert Pritzker", but also goes by the title "J.B. Pritzker".

Former Facility-Director, Dr. Xavier Johnson, was assassinated by GoI-003 ("The Chaos-Insurgency") Agent fourteen (14) days after Dr. Johnson was Facility-Director. Dr. Eugene Vlad, Dr. Johnson's Assistant Area-Director, refused to become Area-Director because he didn't want the same thing to happen to him. The GoI Agent was later revealed to be Agent Zachary Hugo Morgant, who was later sentenced to become a D-Class Personnel for 30 days by Dr. Addison Wilkinson.

Dr. Addison Wilkinson was the longest-serving Facility-Director to serve at Area-12 and the longest-serving Facility-Director at any SCP-Facility. Dr. Wilkinson spent was the Area-Director at Area-12 for over 30 years but was killed by SCP-171 in a Containment Breach that occurred in ██/██/2020 when a snowstorm manifested over Area-12.

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