At the Edge of an Abyss
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000's entry point has been sealed off from trespassers.



Description: SCP-0000 is a passageway within the Parisian Catacombs that is significantly longer than dimensions would allow.

Discovery: The circumstances of SCP-0000's discovery are unknown. On 20/03/2019 at 5:43 P.M., MTF Zeta-9 Commander Lindsey Harrington recieved an email from Site Director Lycus with this file and a set of coordinates attached to it. Upon emailing back for clarification, Lycus claimed to have never sent the file, and data proved that Lycus's account had not sent any emails to Harrington.

The email was the first notice of SCP-0000's containment file. A RAISA investigation revealed that no chronological metadata was present on the file. An inquiry was sent to Overwatch Command, which replied that they did not create the file and were unaware of who did.

A cursory investigation of the anomaly revealed that:

  • SCP-0000 was located in a restricted section of the catacombs. Prior accounts of the area did not mention further passageways.
  • The area around the entrance was clean of any cobwebs, trash, or animal droppings.
  • Travellers could return to the entrance in a minimal amount of steps, no matter the distance walked.

After a 7-6 O5 vote, the decision was made to deploy Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats) operative Amelia Roux.


[Roux activates her camera and audio log.]

Roux -there we go. We're sure we can't run a line? It's straight through.

Harrington: Theoretically, yes, we could. But Command doesn't want to run the possibility of the cable running short. Which we both know is a possibility. Good luck there, soldier.

Roux: Thank you, ma'am.

[Roux activates her headlight, entering the anomaly. After a few minutes she looks back, only to see darkness behind her.]

Roux: [taking out her low-frequency transciever.] This is agent Roux, requesting a confirmation. Over.

[No response is heard.]

Roux: Well, I suppose that's to be expected-

Voice: Hello there.

[Roux swears, pulling out her gun and spinning around. No entity can be seen.]

Voice: Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I suppose a voice emanating out of the darkness can be somewhat alarming.

[The voice, does not appear to be originating from any direction. While the voice bears a Parisan accent, it is androgynous in tone. Roux lowers her gun, though she does not holster it.]

Roux: …Yeah, that would be a fair assumption. Mind coming out into the light so we can discuss things calmly?

Voice: Considering I don't have a material body, that may make things difficult.

Roux: …Never mind then. Can I ask who I'm speaking to?

Voice: Hmm. Good question. I'm not exactly sure what I am. Think of me as a.. personfication of the unknown. I believe that fits. The tricky thing about being a personfication of the unknown is that you're not quite sure what you are.

Roux: Alright. I'm Agent Roux, of the SCP Foundation. Do you know anything about the properties of this tunnel?

Voice: Of course. But to answer your questions, I'll have to ask you to continue walking down the tunnel. For whatever reason, I can only speak at length while parties continue to travel down the pathway.

[Roux hesitates for a moment, before shaking her head and continuing movement.]

Roux: Alright, I'm walking. The tunnel, what can you tell me about it.

Voice: Right. Part of the Parisan Catacombs, which were constructed in the late 17th century after aboveground overcrowding efforts. The tunnel does not conform to regular geography, as you can tell. Five thousand steps forward, and only five will be needed to return backwards. You'd be in the Seine by now in other circumstances-

Roux: Right, but Iwas looking for-

Voice: That's a strong posibility, yes. Or I could be lying to you.

Roux: [Expletive redacted.]

Voice: I can also speak French.


Addendum 0000.2: Exploration Log #2 (Duration: 12 hours)

After a 7-6 O5 vote and an Ethics Committee evaluation, the mission was directed to go on as planned.


Voice: Welcome back.

Roux: Well, didn't have much of a choice- uh, I don't suppose you have a name?

Voice: I'm a personfication of the unknown, I wouldn't know it even if I did have one.

Roux: Fair enough. You don't mind being called SCP-0000-1, do you?

SCP-0000-1: As good a name as any.

Roux: Perfect. So SCP-0000-1, what can you tell me about this tunnel?

SCP-0000-1: It's a tunnel in the Parisan catacombs that is significantly longer than surrounding architectural design would allow.

Roux: Is that it? Alright, let me try something else… SCP-0000-1, am I the first person to enter this tunnel?

SCP-0000-1: No. I get a few visitors, though I suspect your presence may ward them away from returning.

Roux: What kind of visitors do you get?

SCP-0000-1: A variety. Prophets, doctors, foremans, businessmen. The odd quorum of queens, occasionally. They usually stop by every few years, searching for something. They usually end up looking dissapointed.

Roux: What are they looking for?

SCP-0000-1: You would know as much as me on that. What is the Foundation searching for?

[Roux pauses.]

Roux: I don't recall telling you I worked for the Foundation.

SCP-0000-1: True, but the name you gifted me gave it away. I've encountered some of you before. You use to have an interesting little basecamp outside the tunnel. I was wondering why you left.

Roux: Huh. And you didn't think to tell us about it?

SCP-0000-1: You didn't ask.

Roux: …Fine.

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