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A lovely selfie of me wearing a cowboy hat.

An Introduction to Calibri Bold

Heyo friends! My name is Calibri Bold. I'm a young Mormon from Arizona, and a recent high school graduate. I'm a big Minecraft fan, as well as an avid reader. I like junk food, pretty rocks, sketching, and cute animals! I have an interest in graphic design, and have made two pages dedicated to the logos and icons I've made, here and here.

My Achievements

While I haven't done a whole lot on the site, I still have a few unique achievements to my name!

  • Revived the Decommissioned object class for an SCP article: SCP-4456-D
  • Wrote the longest JamCon 2020 entry: SCP-5559, at 3,434 words.

The Mega Cool Award

I might comment on your thing and say that it's mega cool. It has no official weight or anything, it just means your thing was cool enough that you received an unofficial award from me. Congratulations. You can stick the badge on your author page or something if you'd like.

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