Unknown 1: Would you consider yourself a religious person?

Unknown 2: I mean… not really, no.

Unknown 1: Good. You're about to be soon, I imagine.

Unknown 2: What's this all about Jacob?

Unknown 1: You know the database: SCPs assigned to different numbers. It starts at SCP-002. That's odd, don't ya think?

Unknown 2: I mean, yeah?

Unknown 1: What about SCP-001? The first one? What could it be?

Unknown 2: Uh… maybe the first SCP they ever discovered?

Unknown 1: Perhaps, but the database picks random numbers from a huge selection for their anomalies. It would be weird if 001 was the only number they deliberately chose. Except it's not weird at all. There's something big in that slot.

Unknown 2: Is… is this even allowed?

Unknown 1: Not at all. I've determined that there IS an SCP-001: it's just locked for us.

Unknown 2: Does it say what clearance it requires?

Unknown 1: Nope. All I could find are references that it exists.

Unknown 2: Weird. I still have a bad feeling about this. The Foundation is… pretty lenient with killing people that have classified information.

Unknown 1: Our ancestors all have risked their lives for the pursuit of knowledge, to the tasting of a new type of berry on an unknown tree, to the destruction of entire civilizations for their libraries. This is no different.

Unknown 2: No, that IS different…

Unknown 1: You want to know, don't you?

Unknown 2: I mean…

Unknown 1: SCP-001 could be God. SCP-001 could be the Guardian to Eden. SCP-001 could be us. Don't you want to know? I sure as hell do.

Unknown 2: …yes. Yes I would.

Unknown 1: I'll get started on trying to retrieve the file. Wish me luck.

Unknown 2: Good luck… I guess.

MARCH 25th, 2019


Patrick Star Becomes Enlightened

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