20:52 Laneous there's this really obscure poi named "professor a. w."
20:52 Laneous yeah i saw that
20:52 Laneous that makes sense
20:52 Bread what?
20:52 Bread link it
20:52 Laneous
20:52 Laneous
20:52 Laneous they're only in 4 articles
20:53 Laneous i've read through half of them
20:53 Laneous from what i can gather, he's some anomalous early 19th century doctor
20:54 Bread so we could go the plague doctor route but he's trying with what he has
20:54 Laneous hmm
20:54 Laneous yes
20:54 Bread instead of being a scamming loser he's actually trying to help people in early england through anomalous means
20:54 Bread WAT
20:54 Bread WAIT*
20:54 Bread BIG BRAIN IDEA
20:54 Bread HE'S A BIG RAT
20:54 Bread RAT HUMAN
20:54 Laneous WHAT
20:54 Laneous RAT
20:55 Laneous EXPLAIN
20:55 Laneous PROFESSOR A&W
20:55 Bread wait fuck that could be good with ambrose
20:55 Bread ok hear me out
20:55 Bread he's a humanoid rat being
20:55 Bread you know how rats are always viewed as being plague carriers?
20:56 Laneous yes
20:56 Bread he's trying to be the opposite during the time
20:56 Bread trying to help people through however he can
20:56 Bread it might not be the perfect remedy but he's trying his best
20:57 Laneous i'm reading through these articles to figure out what he's all about
20:57 Laneous i'm reading 733 rn
20:57 Bread good
20:57 Laneous a lot of this stuff relates to memories
20:58 Laneous and 1408 definitely supports the idea of him not having a lot of supplies
20:58 Laneous because he steals from his own invention
20:58 Bread memory rat doctor
20:58 Laneous oh yeah yeah
20:59 Laneous how do we connect this with another goi tho
20:59 Laneous class of 76 also deals with memory a bunch
20:59 Laneous but these are completely different time periods
20:59 Bread hm
21:01 Laneous oh SHIT
21:01 Laneous He's a romantic
21:02 Bread WAIT WHAT
21:02 Laneous
21:02 Laneous HOLY SHIT
21:02 Bread While i do that can you find him in this
21:02 Bread i cant find him and its tagged with him
21:03 Laneous that was like, a weird article
21:03 Laneous it just references a ton of gois and stuff
21:04 Bread fuck he can't be a rat man
21:04 Laneous sad
21:04 Bread unless
21:04 Laneous he's an angry loverbird
21:04 Bread we somehow turn him into a rat man between 733 and our thing
21:05 Laneous hmm
21:05 Laneous i've read through all the scp articles about him
21:05 Bread so he loves his wife
21:05 Bread he's a memory person
21:05 Bread wife had an affair
21:05 Bread wife = gone
21:06 Laneous i think most of his character is he loves his wife actually
21:06 Bread man = sad
21:06 Bread maybe he's trying to bring his wife back using his memories
21:06 Bread and is running himself deranged doing it
21:06 Laneous because in scp-300, it says "A world in a bottle for my beloved Nora"
21:06 Bread He's trying to make something that turns memories into physical form
21:07 Bread so he can bring back his wife
21:07 Laneous that would make sense
21:07 Laneous have you read all of the articles he's in?
21:07 Bread now who would that collab with is the question
21:07 Bread yep
21:07 Bread the book
21:07 Bread the machine
21:07 Bread and the bottle
21:07 Laneous yeah
21:08 Laneous who would he collab with
21:08 Laneous i'm gonna say something nutzo
21:08 Laneous very NUTTY
21:08 Bread ok
21:08 Bread nut it out
21:08 Laneous dado, what if, he tries to seek outside help from other people, and he runs into an old timey version of dado who helps him with his ventures
21:09 Bread the plague doctor version of dado
21:09 Laneous lmao
21:09 Bread because that's what plague doctors were all about right?
21:09 Laneous "hello yes this is ye olde dado"
21:09 Bread and the whole misinformation of the black plague
21:10 Bread rato
21:10 Laneous rato
21:11 Laneous i have very specific idea for how this relationship could be introduced, it should start off with a very, very serious letter from a. w. saying how sad he is and how he needs help, but never mentions that it's dado, so you don't know who he's addressing until you get hit by the DADO letter
21:12 Bread the last letter is the dado letter
21:12 Laneous yes
21:12 Laneous never say that dado is involved beforehand
21:12 Bread also the dado letter either needs to be in the worst typewriter font or the fanciest cursive font
21:13 Bread i say fanciest cursive
21:13 Laneous like, if this was an scp, never show any sign of dado
21:13 Bread yes
21:13 Laneous until that letter
21:13 Laneous rat have good memory yes
21:13 Bread id say a tale of sorts for the letter prob
21:13 Laneous oh yeah, we actually got to ask before using pois
21:13 Bread or maybe an scp set up like a tale
21:13 Bread oh yea
21:14 Bread we need to know who wrote them
21:14 Laneous we probably should make sure we can you a w
21:14 Laneous aelanna
21:14 Laneous we need to ask CO before
21:14 Laneous > POIs can be used, but ask CO members for permission first.
21:14 Laneous so just ping ARD
21:15 Bread uh
21:15 Bread i don't think its ard
21:15 Laneous what
21:15 Bread i mean the person who wrote a w
21:15 Laneous yeah, ARD didnt write it
21:15 Bread I think that's who we need to ask
21:15 Laneous we need to ask CO before using it
21:16 Laneous no the creator
21:16 Bread oh
21:16 Bread ok
21:16 Laneous and aelanna hasn't been around for years
21:16 Bread before we do that lets get the story straight
21:16 Laneous so we would be screwed
21:16 Laneous maybe we shouldn't flesh this all the way out just in case they say we cant use it
21:17 Bread i know that
21:17 Bread i mean get a basic idea
21:17 Laneous alright
21:17 Bread so we know what is being an scp, tale, or goi format
21:17 Laneous well, neither have goi formats
21:18 Laneous we could make a goi format for a. w.
21:18 Laneous or for dado if we're ambitious
21:18 Bread dado goi format
21:18 Bread but nah
21:18 Bread wait
21:18 Laneous it's the mc&d format but in comic sans
21:18 Bread yes
21:18 Laneous WHAT
21:18 Bread holy shit yes
21:18 Laneous hold on
21:18 Bread no my thing was dumb
21:18 Laneous comic sans
21:18 Laneous DO YOU SEE THAT
21:19 Bread we need it styled like a craigslist ad
21:19 Bread comic sans
21:19 Bread are you on the scp site?
21:19 Laneous whenever i say comic sans here it changes the word to the font
21:19 Laneous i'm using irccloud
21:20 Bread im using mibbit
21:20 Laneous that might be why
21:20 Bread m
21:20 Laneous sad
21:20 Bread ok so lets see
21:20 Laneous yeah ok
21:21 Bread 1.) A.W. as a human is trying to make his wife come back with memory machines
21:21 Laneous yesss
21:21 Bread 2.) A.W. contacts dado to have him try to help
21:22 Bread how does dado come in to play because we need to make it solid for dado
21:22 Bread i refuse to do dado wrong
21:22 Laneous ditto
21:22 Laneous hmmm
21:23 Laneous how badly would dado screw up a memory machine
21:23 Bread memory pills mind you
21:23 Bread or memory medicine in general
21:23 Laneous hmm
21:23 Bread forget me nots
21:23 Bread dude
21:23 Laneous well, he's made machines before and stuff
21:23 Laneous he made that surgical kit
21:23 Bread eh
21:24 Bread that's still pretty medicine
21:24 Laneous yeah
21:25 Laneous he also made the toys r us
21:25 Laneous and the borger kang
21:25 Bread i found something interesting
21:25 Bread
21:26 Bread In the northern hemisphere they are colloquially denominated forget-me-nots[3] or Scorpion grasses.
21:26 Laneous ooo
21:26 Bread forget-me-nots
21:26 Laneous OOOOO
21:26 Laneous are they in england?
21:26 Bread The colloquial name "Forget-me-Not" was calqued from the German Vergissmeinnicht and first used in English in AD 1398 through King Henry IV of England.
21:27 Laneous oh yeah yeah
21:27 Bread One or two European species, especially Myosotis sylvatica, the "Woodland" Forget-me-Nots were introduced into most of the temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and, the Americas.
21:27 Laneous oh shit they are all over england
21:27 Laneous
21:27 Bread dude
21:28 Bread we've found our plague doctor dado connection
21:28 Laneous oh god
21:28 Laneous we should non chalantly connect plague doctor and dado
21:28 Laneous "i supply for many good doctors and such yes"
21:28 Laneous say something like this in his note
21:29 Bread We should totally bait it out like we're describing 049
21:29 Laneous YES
21:29 Bread Then reveal it to be dado at the end
21:29 Laneous hmm
21:30 Laneous i feel like a more subtle connection might work, or people could downvote for it being something to do with the plague manw
21:31 Laneous also i want to use the line "sorry hamster stepped on quill"
21:31 Bread i mean subtly bait it out
21:32 Bread like call him the good doctor or something
21:32 Bread mention something about the garb
21:32 Bread then "sorry rat knocked over ink well"
21:34 Laneous what if he were to mention that he supplies the plague doctor
21:34 Bread mmmm
21:35 Laneous but like, very lowkey
21:35 Bread just say he supplies others
21:35 Laneous like what I said before, "i supply many good doctors"
21:35 Laneous could be a good way to hint at that
21:36 Laneous without just dumping that out
21:36 Bread yes
21:36 Laneous alright
21:36 Laneous what does the medicine do, does it turn him into a rat? why does it turn him into a rat?
21:37 Bread i don't know what the medicine does
21:37 Laneous hmmm
21:38 Laneous keep this in mind:
21:38 Laneous > from the Greek: μυοσωτίς "mouse's ear", which the foliage is thought to resemble)
21:38 Bread oh
21:38 Laneous the name originates from MOUSE EAR
21:38 Bread OH
21:40 Laneous whaatt if, root beer man goes and is like "i have almost cracked it, forget me nots are the key, mouse ears some call it" or something like that, and then dado just goes and makes medicine that turn him into a mouse, but also gives him really good memory
21:40 Laneous i'm just spitballing
21:40 Laneous this is kinda too wacky maybe
21:41 Laneous then again, anti-weed platypus skating archer
21:41 Bread ok
21:41 Bread spitballing here
21:41 Bread the last article
21:41 Bread is him dead
21:41 Bread a neutralized/safe scp
21:41 Bread they discover him dead
21:41 Bread something something kind of happy/fufilling closure
21:42 Laneous oh shittt
21:42 Bread maybe he did bring back his wife at the cost of his own life
21:42 Bread any they died together
21:42 Bread she aged
21:42 Laneous what if, after being forgotten from existence, nora (which is a name referenced in 300) kills herself because she can't be remembered like an antimeme
21:43 Bread she becomes a living antimemetic concept
21:43 Bread the living concept of nora
21:43 Laneous yes
21:45 Laneous and professor a. w., trying to bring her back into memory and not knowing she's dead, contacts dado to get pills that basically remove the antimemetic affect of nora, and when he does, he finds her dead body lying on the floor, her blood dried all over the room as a.w. has been stepping over and on her for who knows how long, and then, he kills himself out of shock
21:46 Bread eh
21:46 Laneous she could have killed herself in his house because she was trying to get him to see her, and after realizing that he couldn't and she'll never reconcile with him, she commits suicide right in front of him
21:46 Laneous that might be a bit too much edge
21:46 Bread maybe he dies bringing her back, but she's not who she used to be
21:46 Bread or something
21:46 Laneous she's a RAT
21:47 Bread but she's from his memory
21:47 Bread he doesn't remember her as a rat
21:47 Laneous hmm
21:47 Bread oh shit
21:47 Bread so this is plague century england right?
21:47 Bread well
21:47 Bread guess what animal got the plague really easily
21:47 Bread r a t
21:47 Laneous it's around the 1870s or so
21:48 Bread is
21:48 Bread is that plague century?
21:48 Laneous > (later determined to be the monogram of one Professor A██████ W█████, 1823-?, of [REDACTED]
21:48 Laneous plague was earlier if I remember correctly
21:48 Bread oh fuck
21:48 Laneous oh shit i thought he was born in 1851
21:48 Laneous it says 1823
21:49 Bread guess when the plague was
21:49 Bread a bit earlier than 1823
21:49 Bread 1347
21:49 Laneous OUCH
21:49 Laneous ok well then, no more rat
21:49 Bread oh wait
21:49 Laneous can we make sure we can use this character with CO?
21:49 Bread The plague recurred as outbreaks in Europe until the 19th century.
21:50 Laneous because we have all of this fleshed out, and I don't want to have to start over from scratch
21:50 Bread > 19th century.
21:50 Laneous some rat then
21:50 Bread we just need to know when plague doctors we elevent
21:50 Bread relevant*
21:50 Laneous like during the og plague days
21:51 Laneous > In some cases, plague doctors were so valuable that when Barcelona dispatched two to Tortosa in 1650, outlaws captured them en route and demanded a ransom. The city of Barcelona paid for their release.[5] The city of Orvieto hired Matteo fu Angelo in 1348 for four times the normal rate of a doctor of 50-florin per year.[5] Pope Clement VI hired several extra plague doctors during the Black Death plague. They were to attend to the
21:51 Laneous sick people of Avignon. Of 18 doctors in Venice, only one was left by 1348: five had died of the plague, and 12 were missing and may have fled.[11]
21:52 Bread > In the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, some doctors wore a beak-like mask which was filled with aromatic items.21:52 Bread From
21:53 Laneous oh yeah yeah
21:53 Laneous but we should check with CO soon
21:54 Bread you message ARD
21:54 Bread I'm going to keep checking through the articles for exact dates
21:57 Laneous i pinged them
21:57 Laneous i swear if they say no i'm going to cry
21:57 Bread i'd be sad
21:58 Laneous sweats
21:59 Laneous YES
21:59 Laneous WE CAN
21:59 Bread oh fuck thank god
22:00 Laneous ok ok ok so what are we going to do? a tale and a scp?
22:00 Laneous a goi format somehow?
22:01 Laneous what will we put into both?
22:01 Bread ok so im guessing and scp for the last one, tale for the middle one which is the letters between ye olde dado and aw, and idk for the first one
22:01 Laneous we should probably polish it out before we get into it
22:02 Bread yes
22:02 Bread so here's the ting
22:02 Bread im getting conflicting dates
22:02 Bread June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901
22:02 Bread that was the victorian era
22:03 Laneous that's when he was around
22:03 Bread > While no two drops have shown precisely the same scene, these scenes generally take the form of pastoral or woodland scenes consistent with that of Victorian-Era England.
22:03 Bread ye
22:03 Laneous yeeeee
22:03 Bread > Addendum 1408-01: Document Discovered Following RSSCPAA Breach Incident 1851-Delta-Four-Alpha, dated █/██/19██
22:03 Bread on 1408
22:03 Bread > █/██/19██
22:03 Laneous i mean
22:04 Bread i say
22:04 Bread we disregard this
22:04 Laneous > and all we have is a hundred-year-old handwritten note supposedly written by someone who should have been dead of old age. Unless we can turn back the clock or somehow manage a miracle, I am proposing that we archive SCP-1408 until further notice.
22:04 Bread yes
22:04 Laneous he could be immortal
22:04 Bread nonon
22:04 Bread no
22:04 Bread lets sauy
22:04 Bread since the date is blacked out
22:05 Laneous 1901
22:05 Bread we can assume this was January 1st, 1901
22:05 Laneous yes of course
22:05 Bread and this was near the begining of our plot
22:05 Bread because it makes sense
22:05 Laneous that makes him only like 70
22:05 Bread eh
22:05 Laneous wait
22:05 Laneous no
22:05 Bread do we know exactly when he was born?
22:05 Laneous 1823
22:05 Laneous that's the year
22:06 Bread w h a t
22:06 Bread w h e r e
22:06 Laneous > (later determined to be the monogram of one Professor A██████ W█████, 1823-?, of [REDACTED], England)
22:06 Laneous from 1408
22:06 Bread f u c k
22:06 Bread Ok
22:06 Laneous f u c k w o r d
22:06 Bread Ignore
22:06 Laneous we cant ignore what little we have to work with
22:06 Bread Go with the motto of the SCP Foundation
22:06 Bread "There is no canon"
22:06 Bread Look
22:07 Bread Victorian Era is just as valid
22:07 Bread How would they know when he was born?
22:07 Bread That is less valid
22:07 Laneous ooo fair point
22:07 Bread Vague detail > Actual date
22:07 Laneous maybe they got that date wrong
22:07 Bread Yes
22:07 Bread Maybe it was like 1879
22:08 Laneous yes
22:08 Laneous these are the only dates we have
22:08 Bread so everything we have can still ine up
22:08 Bread line*
22:08 Bread the plague
22:08 Laneous yes
22:08 Bread the plague doctor
22:08 Bread and the style or writing
22:08 Bread hold on
22:09 Laneous ok, sooooo the plot of this has to happen after 1408, because the salvage part in there could be them trying to build a better memory device
22:09 Laneous oh wait continue
22:10 Bread Ok victorain era they style of letters still matches
22:10 Bread I wanted to makes sure there wasn't something drastically different

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