Azamo Backrooms
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Following Event L95-06 (appended below), the subsequent information has been declared out of date.


A portion of Level 95. Photographer unknown.

Level 95 is the 96th level of the Backrooms, and was discovered on 11/30/2005.


Level 95 superficially bears the appearance of a typical 19th century factory, however, after rigorous examination, it has been discovered that the level does not possess any machinery or mechanical parts usually present within such a factory.

Level 95 is relatively large, extending roughly 10sqkm from it's primary entrance point, although precise measurements are nearly impossible to determine due to constant low-level geometry alterations. These geometry alterations may completely rework Level 95's current layout, and are capable of expanding the structure to an infinite degree, although this rarely occurs.

In terms of Level 95's composition, rooms within the structure will primarily feature brick walls, and worn concrete flooring, although this may approach a metallic, gritty appearance if the room in question is close to the edge of the level. Rooms that were previously comprised of the standard brick walls and concrete flooring will gradually shift towards this dirtier appearance if shuffled further away by geometry alterations.

Level 95 possesses many floors of it's own, accessible via staircases. The amount of floors within Level 95 is currently unknown, but is confirmed to exceed 13. It is believed higher floors are much more susceptible to the geometry alterations, to the point at which they may entirely disappear when no individuals are present.

Level 95 is well-lit, as it possesses many skylights and windows. Of note, the skylights present within Level 95 can appear on all floors, and will not be visible from the perspective of individuals directly above them. All windows within Level 95 are barred, although it is possible for individuals to reach their arms through. This has proved effective at providing sufficient shelter within the level, as well-stocked survivors will often construct structures out of logs, grass, and trees accessible through these windows, generally pulled through with long tools such as metal rods, items easily available within Level 95.

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