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Item No: SCP-5295
Object Class: Euclid Neutralized
(Archived) Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5295 is to remain filled with a minimum of 70 kiloliters of edible dessert gelatin at all times. The gelatin may not contain any artificial food dyes, and must be sweetened with only pure cane sugar. Periodic gelatin replacement is to be conducted by non-essential personnel. Human contact with the gelatin surface is prohibited.
Current Containment Procedures: The remains of Dr. Samuel Jensen have been cremated and returned to his family. Any Foundation personnel found to possess an anomaly similar to SCP-5295 are to be contained using the method detailed within this document. Civilian reports of anomalous phenomena similar to SCP-5295 or its effects are to be responded to by an applicable task force.
Description: SCP-5295 is a spatial anomaly contained within the body of Samuel C. Jensen, director of the SCP Foundation's Department of Astronomy. The interior of Jensen's body has been replaced by a 5500-meter tunnel, beginning at his mouth and ending in a small Class C "Broken Entry" wormhole. Jensen's outward appearance has not changed despite the length of the tunnel, and his health has not been affected by its presence. He does, however, report being able to taste any objects that touch the walls of the tunnel. Materials that enter SCP-5295 through Jensen's mouth cannot be digested; therefore, Jensen can only receive food and water intravenously.
Dr. Jensen possesses the ability to extend his lower jaw as far as 1.5 meters downwards to facilitate entry and exit into SCP-5295. During SCP-5295-θ "LONG BREAKDOWN" events, however, this occurs without Jensen's control.
During SCP-5295-θ "LONG BREAKDOWN" events, the wormhole within SCP-5295 is activated. This results in the introduction of SCP-5295-1 instances to this reality. The initiation of these events is usually indicated by the emission of smoke from Dr. Jensen's ears and nose and pink light from his eyes.
SCP-5295-1 are usually non-sapient humanoid entities capable of speech. Prolonged presence of SCP-5295-1 instances results in major reality failure in the vicinity, which unchecked have the potential to cause a complete CK-Class Reality Restructuring scenario. The immediate termination of SCP-5295-1 instances upon their emergence has been found to nullify their effect on reality to the point that Scranton Reality Anchors become functional in neutralizing them entirely.
Research into possible closing of the wormhole at the end of SCP-5295 has found that the most efficient way to prevent emergence of SCP-5295-1 instances is to completely fill SCP-5295 with a form of gelatin1. Gelatin used in the containment of SCP-5295 is only sweetened to reduce discomfort in Dr. Jensen.
A further spatial anomaly believed to be related to SCP-5295 was found within the head of Dr. Jensen during a routine X-Ray. The anomaly, resembling the interior of a church with a large pentagram on its wall behind an altar, is believed to be the cause of separate anomalous activity2 reported by Dr. Jensen and is currently considered a part of SCP-5295.


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