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Event Log


Location: N/A

Status: Concluded

Time: 5:55 AM (local time) 10/4/2015

Disruption Class: Vlam



Event Summary:
Large plumes of smoke emerged from city substations. These smoke plumes were anomalous in that they immediately paralyzed any individuals within a 1m radius from the neck down. This effect deactivated after 1 minute, with no side effects, at which point it would no longer occur for recovered individuals. Following the smoke plumes' appearance, affected substations ceased function, despite no damage being inflicted upon them.

The anomalous nature of the smoke plumes was concealed from the public. The various power cuts caused by the cessation of the substations were reported as fires, sparked by the heatwave present in Madison at the time. Affected substations were replaced.

To: O5-1
From: The Administrator


Changes made recently to Foundation upper-management have reached me, changes originating from Overwatch Command. I am, as of late, unaware who exactly is behind these changes.

I must make it known to you, whether you are involved or not, that I disapprove. I must make it known that I, head of this organization, will not sit idly at my desk, smoking a cigar, while the disobedient childish neanderthals that I myself appointed are causing chaos, brooding strife and spreading destruction within my very walls. I will not ignore the demotion of half the administrative staff, nor will my eyes gloss over the frankly bold and preposterous advances made against the Ethics Committee. I will not ignore any of this, and that will remain so until this ends.

Walters, if this is not you, see that this ridiculous uprising's end is certain and it's lifespan short. Walters, if this is you…

I am disappointed.



Video & Audio Log

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