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What a fanciful sight! We all behold at its might!
"An image of XXXX?" That's right!

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Containment Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: In the style of Seuss, information must be exchanged. Please don't ask why, it'll all be explained. If this horror is seen once more, Operation Sam I Am will declare open war; riddles and poems and rhymes galore.

If language is changed and is reformed, SCP-XXXX will be unformed!

Description: All life on Earth makes a lot of noise, a noise SCP-XXXX never enjoys. Earth is a planet that's relatively small, but our rhythm and rhyme make us sound so tall.

SCP-XXXX hated our noise; it drove it insane! So it searched high and low for the source of it's pain. It finally found it, after hundreds of years! — Little did it know the Foundation was near.

They saw it's arrival and issued a brief; they had to stop this monster, contained or deceased!

They lured it to the arctic near Site Sixty-Five, and there they discovered it was truly alive. It spoke in their heads, it felt kind of tinglish! What a quick learner, it spoke perfect English!

"I'm sick of your chatter and I hate all your sounds!"

"Your singing, your rhyming, how you write them all down!"

"I used to sleep well 'til you came around,"

"And disturbed my slumber with your pens and your mouths!"

"I know just what to do!" it laughed, gaping its maws. And it swallowed up the site, and closed up its jaws.

But the Council didn't like that.

No, not one bit.

"Fire the warheads!" cried the O5s! A unanimous vote; they feared for their lives!

That didn't stop it. The creature then said:

"If that's all you've got, you'll all end up dead!"

"I'll swallow this continent, your towns, and your cities!"

"You'll all be made silent! Governments and committees."

Site One was in shambles, overwhelmed with requests, to terminate this beast, and in which way that's best.

Paratech, sonic cannons, even the Lizard. The GOC, Insurgency, every thaumaturgical wizard!

The council sat and they talked, they talked and they sat. Nothing could be decided on, no form of combat. The warheads kept launching, from as far as they could throw them, when a tiny suggestion came from Six's factotum.

"It hates all our noise, and specifically rhymes,"

"So let's make it leave with a toxiphrase mine!"

The council applauded the glorified clerk, notifying DoMC and sending them to work!

Using computers and magic and anomalous means, they bottled a phrase, the size of a bean! A specialized agent who moved incredibly swift, leaped onto 5196's back, and injected the syringe!

The beast writhed in pain, and screamed silent screams.

"It looks like these humans are more capable than they seem!"

His body was wracked from all of the rhymes,

After all, each Seuss book was condensed five hundred trillion times!

Angered, annoyed, and on the verge of death,

The creature designated SCP-5196 lifted itself up, and left.

The satellites tracking, it was going away!

But as files were written, 5196 turned back our way.

Information about it, when not presented in rhyme,

Gives the being power. It'd be back in no time!

So as a necessary precaution, and to assure his path is one is stayed,

All future documentation is to be written this way.

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