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The following file describes a Class-η anomalous object and is Level 5/XXXX classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: KETER
Site Responsible: SCPF Area-900
Director: Adelaide Worth
Research Head: John Garmande
Assigned Task Force: ATF Artax-57
Level 5/XXXX


CERN Antimatter Research Center, California, USA — circa 1981.

Containment Update: Efforts have recently been made to increase the efficiency and security of the existing containment procedures, utilizing new experimental technologies. As of 7/15/2032, Protocol Ganymede is to replace the existing steps to occur in the event of a containment breach. The details of Protocol Ganymede are as of yet unconfirmed, but have been officially approved by the Overseer Council and are awaiting enactment before September 2034.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within the experimental Extrahumal Containment Chamber1 present at Unit 73 in Area-900. In the event this containment chamber and it's associated components fail, Area-900 is to be evacuated and ATF Artax-57, equipped with the Foundation's latest extrahumal-protection equipment, are to enter the facility and re-activate the chamber following the instructions laid out in Addendum XXXX.?. If this does not successfully re-activate the chamber, SCP-XXXX is to be placed in it's secondary chamber located beneath Unit-112, awaiting it's relocation to the primary chamber when repairs are complete.


Original photograph of SCP-XXXX, prior to it's displacement, recovered from CERN database.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the initial prototype of CERN's Antiproton Generation Vortex (ApGV), a device deemed unsafe after 1980 and eventually replaced by the Low Energy Antiproton Ring (LEAR) in 1982. SCP-XXXX's original purpose was that of collection of various antiparticles3 for study, and it was to be used for research into methods of utilizing antimatter as a new form of energy.


(Top down) SCP-XXXX's container viewed with ordinary camera, followed by it captured with a Brunning-Kant viewer.

SCP-XXXX's primary anomalous property is it's near-constant output of negative humes, forcing reality around it to distort and eventually break down completely over time. Due to this effect, researchers present in Unit 73 are advised to stay at least 10 meters from SCP-XXXX's containment chamber, despite the security measures already in place. It is believed SCP-XXXX is somewhat displaced from baseline reality; only "interfacing" with our dimension4 rather than fully existing within it. This theory has been strengthened by recent images taken of SCP-XXXX through a Brunning-Kant viewer, indicating fluctuating existence and/or hume manipulation.

Results from the Brunning-Kant viewer have inspired numerous other tests with Foundation owned advanced image-capture tools. For a full log of these tests, see Addendum XXXX.?.

SCP-XXXX is also capable of disturbing gravity unpredictably, forcing it's chamber to remain a perfect vacuum as well as a zero-gravity zone in an effort to "defuse" hostile gravitational waves before greater damage can be done. Currently, SCP-XXXX is hovering in the middle of the chamber. Any attempts to monitor SCP-XXXX within the chamber, aside from with microphones, have resulted in failure.5

Addendum XXXX.1
Discovery & Retrieval

The ApGV prototype finished development during summer 1979 and was showcased at CERN's summer invitational conference at the Oakland, California Antimatter Research Center. Following autumn 1979, it spontaneously displaced and assumed anomalous properties immediately afterwards. This caused a large area of the facility to be torn apart by a combination of SCP-XXXX's powerful gravitational disruption abilities and the arrival of negative humes, causing several personnel present within the facility to be wiped from existence entirely.

This incident was not made public knowledge in fear of a negative response and was transferred to the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit, a subdivision of the FBI dedicated to the documentation of paranormal phenomena. The UIU conducted a lengthy investigation on the matter but eventually handed responsibility to the Foundation, who quickly contained the ApGV and classified it as SCP-XXXX.


CERN Antimatter Research Center, California, USA after incident involving SCP-XXXX.

Initial containment was difficult and expensive. Granger Conduits were the first to be fitted to the chamber, an early prototype of Scranton Reality Anchors. Containment breaches were common but slowed over time as technology progressed. Today, it is extremely rare for a component to cease function and the last recorded time a containment breach occurred was 11/13/1990.

Addendum XXXX.2
Audio Blips

Throughout SCP-XXXX's containment within Area-900, several strange audio blips have been documented. These sounds were either heard by ear from outside the Extrahumal Containment Chamber or picked up by internal microphone equipment, the only form of equipment able to record events existing within the chamber.

A number of these audio blips have been documented below. So far, no evidence has been found of any cognitohazardous effect originating from these sounds, nor do they indicate a breach, and so they have been deemed harmless.

audio 1

audio 2

audio 3

audio 4

Addendum XXXX.3
Advanced Imaging Tests

As mentioned previously, several Foundation owned advanced image-capture methods have been applied to SCP-XXXX. Listed below are the results of each of these tests.


SCP-XXXX's container viewed with the TERS Occula; designed to detect "graying" or the unnatural decay of matter.

Addendum XXXX.4
Text Here


Addendum XXXX.?
Incident XXXX.29

The following incident log is marked OVERSEER EYES ONLY secrecy by decision of O5-2, 05-12, and O5-7.


This document details sensitive events surrounding SCP-XXXX and is such Level 5/XXXX classified.

Date: 11/13/1990

Foreword: O5-14 arrived at Area-900 at 2:12 PM (local time) for adjudicatory purposes, and showed significant interest in SCP-XXXX as well as the security measures in place to contain it. What follows is a transcript of the events that occurred, starting 2:45 PM, within Unit 73. Present within Unit 73 at the time were O5-14, Site Director Kianda Reeves, Research Head Dr. Blake Sanders6 as well as all other researchers assigned to SCP-XXXX at the time.


Kianda: -nd in here is SCP-XXXX's primary containment chamber, utilizing the Foundation's very best reality anchor technology.

O5-14: How impressive.

Kianda: And this is Dr. Sanders, head of research regarding this anomaly.

Dr. Sanders nods.

O5-14: Dr. Sanders, is it easy to manage this thing?

Sanders: Certainly. A lot of the work is done by AI.

Kianda: We have a system in place to automate a lot of the energy withdrawals.

O5-14: Fascinating. I congratulate you on your technological prowess.

Kianda: Thank you, overseer.

The Extrahumal Containment Chamber begins to shake and a rumbling sound is heard emanating from within.

O5-14: What was that?

Sanders: Oh, that's just the electricity. There's a lot of it running through here, you can't expect it to be silent the whole time! (nervous laughter)

More rumbling is heard, louder this time.

Kianda's lips curl.

O5-14: That doesn't sound like "electricity" to me. You better not be lying to me, Sanders, for your own sake.

Sanders: Overseer, I can assure you every possible scenario has been exhaustively thought through by our prestigious containment speciali-

A pipe bursts next to Sanders, startling him. Foam begins leaking from it.

Sanders: Oh.

Kianda: Uhh… no… this is definitely not right. Someone escort our overseer out of the facility.

Sanders: (clears throat) Yes, that'd — probably be best.

O5-14: I'll have you know I'm severely d-

Several more pipes burst, spraying around more foam.

Alarms activate, signalling a containment breach.

O5-14: Get me out of this hellhole!

Several members of staff approach O5-14 to escort him, however he sprints from them towards an exit. The doors are locked.

Misc Staff: Overseer, if you would ple-

A large metal plate flies off of the containment chamber, hitting and killing the aforementioned staff. Several more alarms are heard as more technology sparks and catches fire.

Sanders: Shit!

The sprinkler system activates, obscuring the facility in water streams.

Kianda: We're going to have to find a way out of here. I believe we need to get through Unit 70 down the left corridor. Overseer, Sanders, follow me.

Sanders: Right behind you, direc-

Sanders is electrocuted by a failing waterlogged computer system and falls to the ground unconscious.

The northern wall of the chamber shatters into pieces. A sonic boom is heard throughout the facility,

Kianda: Fuck! Overseer, respectfully, get the hell out of here!

O5-14: (spitting out water) Curse you! Curse you all!

Another researcher approaches Kianda but is knocked unconscious by a sheet of metal impacting his head.

Fire begins spreading through the area. O5-14 is caught in the flames and is obscured from view by smoke. The southern and eastern wall of the chamber spontaneously burst open. A bright white light is visible from within the chamber.

Kianda: (Breathing heavily) Oh shit… oh… oh no….

O5-14 is heard screaming from beneath a pile of rubble, covered in fire.

The western wall of the chamber is flung into the scaffold. Several personnel are levitating and shaking unnaturally.

Kianda: (over radio) Hello? Anybody? I'm — oh… fuck. I'm r-recording this for whoever may be listening. We've got a serious (unintelligible) here. I need-

A distorted scream emanating from within the chamber startles Kianda and she drops the device into the fire.

O5-14 emerges from the smoke, covered in flames. From this point onward, the audio and video feed begin to heavily corrupt.

Kianda: Y-you're s-still alive?

O5-14 laughs with a raspy, unnaturally low-pitched tone of voice. Kianda screams.

O5-14 is immediately pulled into the chamber and is obscured from view by white light. Fire engulfs the chamber as well as all cameras present. The sound of fire is heard for a further hour until the audio feed goes silent.


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