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Item#: 0000
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Recent satellite image of Coventry, as seen through a Brunning-Kant viewer.


Coventry, England.

Special Containment Procedures: The true nature of SCP-XXXX must never be publicly disclosed. Aside from this, the city of Coventry is to be left largely unguarded (with the exception of Observation Post YANKEE-9 present on the outskirts of the city) and is to remain a public settlement for as long as required. In the event SCP-XXXX-A becomes active, MTF Rho-20 ("Ratdogs") are to be dispatched immediately to tranquilize SCP-XXXX-A utilizing Foundation-owned high-power Sleeper-Class tranquilizer bolts, followed by the release of aerosolized Class-A amnestics into SCP-XXXX.

If this protocol fails to cease SCP-XXXX-A's activity, Coventry is to be temporarily evacuated, and SCP-XXXX-A is to be surrounded with Scranton Reality Anchors, neutralizing it's effects as well as temporarily inducing a coma-like state. Following this, major structural damage within SCP-XXXX is to be repaired and all residents are to be amnesticized and returned to their homes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous spatial projection located atop a ~100sqkm crater in central England, UK. This spatial projection, originally appearing as a flat stretch of land, has existed for over 680 years, and was eventually settled in the Middle Ages. SCP-XXXX has since been known as the city of Coventry. As SCP-XXXX is a spatial projection, it is not made of any physical matter and therefore all structures within it's boundaries, as well as any individuals present within the city, lack physical existence unless removed from the area. See Addendum XXXX.2 for additional information regarding this property.

Below SCP-XXXX is SCP-XXXX-A, a gargantuan reptilian entity loosely resembling a kimodo dragon1. SCP-XXXX-A is primarily in a sleeping state, but will awaken if disturbed by a great enough force. SCP-XXXX-A, if awake, will attempt to breach SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX.1
Collected Material Regarding SCP-XXXX-A

Addendum XXXX.2
SCP-XXXX Analysis

Addendum XXXX.3
Incident Log 03/19/2028


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Addendum XXXX.4
After Action Report 03/20/2028

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