B. Baztek's Proposal - Spiders All in Tune

Item Number: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-001-Prime has been constructed around SCP-001. A truncated document detailing SCP-001 and its anomaly is currently housed on the Foundation database under an unexceptional designation and classified Level-0. Task Forces operating from the primary site are to investigate any leads concerning further instances of SCP-001, both from civilian sources and Foundation acquisition teams.

SCP-001-V instances are to be viewed upon discovery and their contents cataloged by D-Class personnel. They have been tasked with identifying representations of SCP-001, as well as searching for evidence into its nature or modus operandi. Notable discoveries are to be forwarded to the research staff for SCP-001.

Description: SCP-001 is an abandoned video-rental store in Boston, Massachusetts which autonomously restocks its shelves to capacity with VHS tapes hourly. The contents of these tapes consist entirely of amateur "home video" material of persons living within a thousand mile radius of SCP-001. Though these films depict actual persons, the events of each video diverge from reality, ranging from trivial details, to on-screen deaths of living subjects; in rare instances, overt anomalous activity has been captured on these films.

Each tape possesses roughly three-hours of footage and may contain one or several scenes, all featuring a single individual as its central focus.

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